Profile Overview

Keziah Nazir

Trill (Joined) Female

Character Description

A woman of average height for a Trill, Keziah probably weighs a little less than she should, her slight frame making her look quite fragile. She has broad shoulders but a tiny waistline. She has naturally darker lips, the red colour often making her look as if she wears lipstick. She is fit and energetic, thanks in part to the previous host named Toran. Her body is covered in many of the spots associated with her people and they have a brown colour to them, actually getting darker the further down her body they go. Making the most of her position, she often wears her hair down despite the uniform dress code that usually applies on Starfleet vessels, her blonde hair flowing freely over her shoulders. That is not the only uniform code she flouts as she rarely wears the full, standard duty uniform Starfleet issues, instead opting to wear the variants usually afforded to people of her position such as waistcoats and field jackets.

Personality Profile

Keziah is a feisty, determined, and focused woman intent on carving out her legacy in the fleet and advancing to the upper echelons, but only when the time is right for her. A woman that commands the utmost respect from her crew, usually thanks to stories of her service during the war and later conflicts, Nazir is a woman that any officer worth their salt would want to serve alongside. Due to her outspoken nature and her ability to ruffle feathers, she often finds herself at odds with the brass in the same way that legendary Captain Kirk would. She speaks her mind, offers her opinion, and scolds people as she deems appropriate, refusing to suffer fools lightly.

If you ask anyone serving with her, the Trill’s brash nature is a small price to pay for the skill and experience she exhibits on the bridge of her ship, with the Trill often considered to be the deciding factor in many a situation. Officers have been known to request assignment to her command based on her legacy alone with service ranging from the Federation-Klingon conflict and countless diplomatic and scientific endeavours. Despite her fearsome reputation as a combat leader, Nazir is no warmonger. Her years of service and her subsequent reputation have helped her successfully navigate dozens of first and second contact missions whilst she has negotiated no less than five different trade pacts and diplomatic treaties.

Whether it be host or symbiont, many of Keziah Nazir’s ambitions have been realised but one remains for both; to ascend to the Admiralty and use her reputation and abilities to fix many of the issues she sees with the command of the fleet. Whilst she is not afraid to admit that her outspoken nature may hinder her achieving this ambition, she will pursue it nonetheless and she will do it her way.

Prior to her joining with Nazir, Keziah never really had the patience to sit and complete a novel from cover to cover, often taking months to complete such a task. Joining with Nazir has helped her find a new sense of calm and patience, no doubt thanks to the previous host known as Anya. Now, Keziah would spend many a day sat beside the beach, real or holodeck, and delve into a good novel. Although she enjoys the solitude this brings, she likes to interact with others and can often be found in the ships lounge, interacting with Starfleet and civilian alike.

A talented tactician and well versed in matters of intelligence, politics, strategy, and tactics, Nazir is always a safe pair of hands to have around in a crunch situation. Despite her flaws, of which there are many that she would identify, she has a great understanding of, and respect for, every person she has ever encountered, whether they be an ally or an enemy. Being prepared for anything that might arise is one of her strongest mantras and, as such, she is never caught with her pants around her ankles. Calm and considered, she will not act until she has the advantage and the greatest chance of success but, in the rare times where she has failed, she treats the experience as a learning curve, vowing never to make the same mistake twice.

Brash, outspoken, opinionated. Just some of the words she would use to describe herself. She acknowledges she could perhaps tone down her words from time to time, but she would never do so at the detriment of her more than plentiful positive attributes. With a great understanding of many fields, in part due to the eclectic experiences of the Nazir symbiont, Keziah is a well-rounded officer, but where she really lacks any skill set is in the sciences. She is not the kind of officer you want to have in the middle of a science related issue, and she knows it. She is not afraid to accept her flaws or ask for assistance, advice, or guidance from her subordinates. With a strong understanding of linguistics, Keziah’s strengths clearly fall into the category of learning languages and developing translation matrices, but despite her specialism in this area, make no mistake, she is highly competent in many other language areas.

Historical Data – Symbiont

The Nazir symbiont has lived for a total of 169 years in four previous hosts and is now with its fifth, Keziah. Nazir was first joined in 2175 to a male called Toran (20). Toran was an incredible athlete and spent a lot of time running and taking part in different athletic sports. He won many interplanetary competitions until he was beaten in his prized event, the 5000 meters by a young upstart in 2200 at the age of 45. Toran spent the next fifty-three years as a relative recluse, turning his hand to writing about the many events he had participated in. Toran died in 2253 at the age of 98, a bestselling author several times over and a father to two children.

At this point, the symbiont was transferred to its first female host, a short woman named Anya. Anya provided the Nazir symbiont with a strong sense of morality, but at the same time, resulting in the latest host commenting on how feisty and confident they have become after being joined with the symbiont. Anya and Nazir were joined for only 19 years, the shortest of all Nazir hosts to date. Anya was a trader, serving the trade routes near to an area later identified as Cardassian space when a deal with a Cardassian Gul went sour. Her ship was chased into the Badlands and once there, it was struck by an energy stream. The stream resulted in significant damage to the freighter and she limped out of the Badlands, only to run into a Federation Starship, the USS Manchester. The Freighter crew had suffered with injuries and Anya had been struck down by an exploding console. Her injuries were quite severe and the Manchester returned her to Trill. Whilst on Trill, the Cardassian Gul she had had problems with turned up and held her hostage at her home, refusing to let her leave. Anya was stabbed during an altercation and died instantly. The Nazir symbiont was close to death when it was eventually rescued and returned to the Caves of Mak’ala and the care of the Guardians.

After a few months of recuperation with the Guardians of Mak’ala, the symbiont was joined with its third host, Simen in 2272. The second male host for the symbiont, and the oldest to be joined, Simen was a quiet, tolerant man who enjoyed painting and the arts. He loved to dance and entertain people and in later life, he served as a composer of music and a choreographer. In his spare time, Simen would frequently visit the famous Hoobishan Baths and could be found hiking along the Tenaran Ice Cliffs. Simen Nazir died of heart complications in early 2291 at the age of just 48.

The Nazir symbiont took the life experiences of Toran, Anya and Simen with it as it was transferred to its second female host, Zoral, in 2291 when she was only 24. Zoral remains the youngest of the female hosts to date. Zoral was a Science Officer in Starfleet at the time of joining, one of the first Trills to have been accepted to the Academy and graduate. She spent thirty-two long years travelling the stars and developing a keen understanding of astrophysics and quantum chemistry until her death in 2327 at the age of 60. Zoral died in the line of duty after being struck by an energy surge in the main Engineering Bay of the Akula class USS Ptolemy. The energy surges caused an isoboramine imbalance that put the Nazir symbiont at risk. With symbiosis still a closely guarded secret, Zoral was kept on life support until they reached Trill, with the ship’s crew largely unawares as to the Trill’s condition. Those who did know, were ordered not to speak of the situation again. The symbiont was removed and kept stable upon arrival at Trill, but this resulted in Zoral’s death – a selfless act that Nazir has never forgotten.

Currently, Nazir is with the symbiont’s fifth host – Keziah.

Historical Data – Symbiont

Keziah Joranza was born on the Trill homeworld in 2298. Her father, Josias was a worker at the Symbiosis Commission when his wife, Mekela Prel gave birth to their only child. Mekela took a six month sabbatical from her position at the Trill Science Ministry in order to raise their child. Neither parent had ever been joined with one of the Trill symbionts but both wanted the very best for their child and put aside enough funds and resources to ensure she could do all the training she could possibly need to in order to become a Trill initiate when the time came. Josias used his experience at the Commission to get information and share that with Keziah from a young age. The girl was seen to be quite happy at the idea, but deep down, she was quite apprehensive at the prospect of becoming joined. When she was old enough to fully understand the process of joining and what it meant to Trills in particular, Keziah got even more nervous at the prospect. There were only three hundred symbionts available most years and over five thousand people would apply to become a host – what made her parents feel she was suitable? She was 15 and had yet to choose her career path.

Throughout her early life, Keziah had shown an aptitude for picking up the languages of races she encountered. She would be quick to pick up syntax’s and was able to create programs to decipher and translate languages. Using this expertise, Keziah registered to become one of the few Trill to have gone to Starfleet Academy. Her application was approved. She spent four years from her 17th birthday going through the Academy and eventually graduated at the age of 21 in 2319. Her time at the Academy included several training cruises, most notably aboard the Starship Enterprise-B in 2317 during the command of Captain Demora Sulu.

Upon graduating, Keziah was assigned to the Miranda Class USS Saratoga. During her five year stint aboard the Saratoga, Keziah was highly involved within the communications department, serving as relief officer during daytime shifts and on the night shift before her excellence was spotted and she was made Assistant Communications Officer. She was heavily involved with developing adjustments to the ships universal translator following several first contact missions.

In 2324, as Saratoga completed her five year mission, Keziah transferred to the Constellation class USS Delphinus as a junior Lieutenant in charge of the ship’s communications team. During her time on the ship, Keziah was involved in developing several new communication algorithms to assist with communication with new species. She also got her first taste of away missions, being involved in dozens of trips away from her home ship. During the ship’s final mission in 2327, Nazir picked up a distress call from the Starship Adriatic, the aging Constitution class ship having suffered significant damage from a plasma storm. On her way back to Earth anyway, Delphinus supported the Adriatic in her return and her personnel rendered assistance in every way they could.

Upon the Delphinus’ return to Earth, Keziah took a leave of absence from Starfleet, taking some time to travel back to Trill.

Following a trek on the Tenaran Ice Cliffs, the Trill was summoned to the Symbiosis Commission. A Trill known as Zoral had been brought to the Commission, kept on life support by the crew of the starship Ptolemy until they reached the planet. It was a worrying time for all at the Commission as they struggled to stabilise the Nazir symbiont. Eventually, the surgeons removed Nazir and returned the symbiont to the Caves of Mak’ala whilst the Guardians ascertained if Zoral’s cause of death had affected the symbiont at all. It didn’t take long for the symbiont to be given the all clear and Keziah was all set to begin a new journey. The next time she would set foot aboard a Starfleet ship, she would, to all intents and purposes, be a different person. The joining process was relatively simple for the two beings and upon waking up, Keziah Joranza ceased to exist, and in her place, Keziah Nazir was born.

At first, Keziah struggled like most newly joined Trill. Under the watchful eye and tutelage of the Guardians, she was taught how to control the memories and experiences she had inherited and was helped to come to terms with the changes in her personality. A once quiet, kind individual, Keziah had become a feisty, confident young woman who was not afraid to stand up for herself and others. After two months of work with the Guardians, Keziah was freed to go back to her duties and explore what it meant to be a joined Trill – but not without instructions to report in every two weeks for the first six months to ensure that everything was progressing as normal. Once she had returned to Starfleet, the Personnel office were instructed to alter all of her records to correspond with her new name.

The first few months back on duty, this time aboard the starship Tolstoy, were somewhat difficult as Keziah had to grow accustomed to the new personality traits she exhibited. Once things had settled, she found herself to be an even more competent officer, earning plaudits for her work and being granted promotion to Lieutenant at last in mid-2328. By the end of her tour aboard the Tolstoy in 2333, Keziah had proved herself to be such a competent officer she was pushed towards the command training programme. Swapping grey for red, the now Lieutenant Commander took part in many training simulations and brief tours on training cruises until, upon the completion of her time, she was picked for the role of executive officer aboard the Excelsior class USS Berlin. Initially, the Berlin was tasked with patrolling the border of Cardassian space, dealing with rising tensions between colonies in the area. Nazir began to prove herself as a talented tactician and well versed in matters of intelligence, politics and strategy. A break from the border and several long-term scientific surveys later, the XO of the Berlin helped the ship complete a long range cometary survey of the Minos Korva system. The survey revealed an anomalous population of rocky methane ice bodies.

At the completion of the ship’s mission, Nazir assumed command of the ship upon the retirement of her long serving commanding officer. Continuing the ship’s proud service, Captain Nazir found herself engaging with several Cardassian commanders as tensions continued to rise. In 2344, the Berlin was ordered to the Klingon border in a sudden change of pace for the crew. After years of unease following the events of the Khitomer crisis in 2293, both sides were finally suing for a formal peace accord. With starships from both sides on patrol, news reached the conference of a dramatic turn of events in the Narendra system.

Four Romulan warbirds decloaked and began an orbital bombardment of the Klingon settlement on Narendra III. The poorly defended colony soon fell prey to the Romulans’ surprise attack, and had issued a distress call. Despite tensions between the Klingons and the Federation being high, the starship Enterprise intercepted the distress signal and proceeded to the Narendra system at maximum warp. By the time the vessel arrived at Narendra III, the Klingon outpost had been almost completely destroyed, and although the Enterprise was equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and defenses, it was simply no match for the combined destructive power of four Romulan warbirds. Realizing that defeat was inevitable, the crew nevertheless made a valiant effort to protect the Klingons, engaging the warbirds in a fierce battle. After several long minutes of intense fighting, the Enterprise eventually succumbed to its wounds and was destroyed. The battle had significant political repercussions. With the Klingons disgusted by the Romulans’ “cowardly tactics,” the conflict caused their relations to deteriorate even further. It also drove the Klingons and the Federation much closer together, as the Klingons were impressed with the “honorable sacrifice” of the Enterprise and its crew.

As the Treaty of Alliance between the two great powers was signed, Berlin found itself dragged back to the Cardassian border. With the flagship of the fleet gone but having distinguished herself in battle, Starfleet upped the construction of several Ambassador-class starships in order to bolster the aging fleet of starships. As one of Starfleet’s more tactically astute commanders, Nazir was headhunted for the captaincy of the Starship Achilles. Returning to Earth and the Utopia Fleetyards on Mars, Nazir assumed command of the Achilles during the final stages of her construction. The ship was finally declared active after a two year shakedown and left spacedock in 2347 as part of a task group headed back to Nazir’s old stomping ground at the Cardassian border.

Character Summary

An officer with a vast amount of experience across many lifetimes, Keziah Nazir is a master tactician and a shrewd negotiator. A woman that commands the utmost respect from her crew, any officer worth their salt would want to serve alongside her, especially on Starfleet's most prestigious posting, the Ambassador-class USS Achilles.

Current Assignment

Commanding Officer
USS Achilles