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Raptor’s Wings: Phase II

May 9, 2020

[Starbase Bravo, Conference Room Alpha]
[Stardate 76350.1]

“Thank you, all. Dismissed,” Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar watched as half of the people in the room disappeared as their holographic representations disappeared from the table setting. Turning to the others in the room he commented, “Sounds like the only damn thing the Romulans can agree on these days is their resources coming from the Gavarian front.”

He pushed himself back from the conference table in frustration, “And if that wasn’t bad enough, now Captain Matheson is reporting that Mo’Kai ships were spotted along with Star Empire ships. Another headache we don’t need.”

“We can reassign ships to the Klingon border; the High Council is all but ignoring the Mo’Kai problem,” Admiral Wolf pointedly suggested.

Rear Admiral Beckett chimed in immediately, “Agreed. After the complete destruction of Faltan Station, we need to reinforce the area. The investigation is still inconclusive on the weapons signatures, but I think we all know who it was.”

“Going back to the Gavarian front… Vidal Fleet Yards is reporting that they’ve finished their crew rotation, and they’re back at full capacity. As a single facility, they are processing almost 50% of the Fourth Fleet’s repair, refit, and construction requests. We haven’t seen this type of production since Xavier or Avalon were still around,” Admiral Wolf added.

Ramar sighed out of relief, “At least we have that going for us. This whole reaching back out into the galaxy thing is exhausting, and the Romulans make it even more so. The Tal Shiar is making it almost impossible for us to get scientists onto The Artifact, the Star Empire is as paranoid as ever, and the Republic we can’t officially acknowledge without pissing off the other two.”

Standing up and stretching from their long meeting of the Fourth Fleet Command, the Bolian added a note of positivity, “Let’s make today a better day than yesterday.”

Phase I Results…?

Phase I of The Raptor’s Wings was actually graded and finalized 8am EST the morning after it was over! However, I’m going to withhold the full results until the very end. I will make some observations about Phase I, however:

  • The number of entries completely blew the BFA out of the water, based on the expectations we originally had. We almost doubled what we had expected. Keep. That. Up!
  • The overall scores for individuals are really, really tight. There are people who are near the top that, if I had to guess, would never imagine they were that close to first place. It’s still the first of three weeks/phases, but holy smokes.
  • The overall scores for task forces have a little more separation, but as said: it is still Phase I. We’re about to enter Phase II. Literally, any task force could take home the bacon.
  • Even if you think you won’t place in a competition, you should still try to submit an entry. It doesn’t have to be the best entry ever; writing doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, and graphics don’t have to be a priceless van Gogh. Participation points mean a lot when it comes time to calculate an overall winner and a winning task force! In week 1, there was one competition that someone won first place by default by being the only participant. That means if two other people would’ve at least submitted a valid entry, they would have taken 2nd and 3rd in a Bravo Fleet wide Fleet Action competition that’ll only come around once or twice a year.

Phase II

We are now into Phase II of The Raptor’s Wings! Phase II will run from now (Saturday-ish, May 9th, 2020) until Saturday, May 16th, 2020 at midnight EST. We gave a little fiction update above with just how generally some storylines will develop out of this in different task forces moving forward. The BFA is really pumped up to see if we can go even higher on entries and engagement in this Phase compared to last! However, I’m sure you’re all ready for The Good Stuff:

Good luck, and most importantly: have fun!