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OCS Staffing

March 29, 2022

Greetings Bravo Fleet!

As you all know, I recently succeeded Fleet Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennett (MJ) as Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff. I’m absolutely thrilled to be taking on this exciting role and I look forward to tackling the challenges that lie ahead. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank MJ for his hard work during his time as Chief of Staff and to wish him well with his new role in Operations.

With MJ’s move and my promotion, OCS is once more  without a Deputy Chief of Staff. When it came to choosing a new Deputy, one name in particular jumped out. I’m pleased to announced that Commander Keren tr’Serov (Arden) has agreed to be the new Bravo Fleet Deputy Chief of Staff. Arden is a previous Deputy Chief of Staff and has spent just over a year as Staff Officer: Competitions and I am thrilled that he’s returning to the Deputy CoS role. I’ve enjoyed working with Arden, his work on the competitions has been exemplary and I look forward to continuing that collaboration as he takes on this new role.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating our new Deputy Chief of Staff.