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New Staff Members!

April 17, 2020

Bravo Fleet’s new model is right around the corner and our staff is working very hard to prepare for the upcoming changes. Developing new systems for the fleet takes a great deal of work, and I’m happy to announce new Command Adjutants who are already helping three of our departments!

Internet Office

The new Command Adjutant to the Internet Office (CA:IO) is Reece, a professional software developer and system administrator who brings real-world expertise to several of our key operations. Among other things, Reece will be taking point on Bravo Fleet Hosting, creating websites for new games and helping game managers with their sites.

Office of the Chief of Staff (OCS)

The new Command Adjutant to the Chief of Staff (CA:CoS) is Kevin (aka Slagar), a veteran member of Bravo Fleet who previously served as the Fleet Executive Officer. He is intimately familiar with the our new model, and he’s already started working with Cath to develop new awards and activities!

Bravo Fleet Academy

The new Vice Commandant of the Academy is Kyle (aka Gally), another veteran member of Bravo Fleet who has commanded several of our Task Forces. Kyle is a teacher in real life, bringing years of experience teaching and developing curriculum. While the Academy is still in development, Kyle has already begun outlining courses and finding new platforms to support our classes.

None of these three members run traditional “sims” in Bravo Fleet. In the new model, you don’t have to write on or command a sim to be a member of the community. All you need is passion for Star Trek and a willingness to share it with others. If you’re interested in helping the community, take a look at our open staff positions!