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Bravo Fleet 2020 Roadmap

February 1, 2020

A New Bravo Fleet

For some time now there has been a lot of talk in Discord about a “new model” that Bravo Fleet is transitioning towards. I’m happy to announce today that the upgrades to the BFMS for that are now 95% complete. Right now the plan is to wait until the end of S1 of Picard to launch this new model in conjunction with the Bravo Fleet time shift to 2399 to bring us into line with Picard. However, I feel now is the right time to release a “Roadmap” which lays out a lot of the details on what this much-talked-about new model will mean.

There will undoubtedly be questions, but here are some things you can do to prepare for this new model:

  • Register an account on the BFMS. All members will have to have accounts on the BFMS. We’re currently working on ways to allow COs to register their crew;
  • Create a “main character”;
  • Look over the Fleet Registry for a ship you might want for yourself as we’ve recently updated and added almost 500 ships;
  • Decide which TF you might want to be stationed in. As of right now, the 4 “BF Main” task forces will be remaining until we get a real count of how many people we’ll have. If you have no preference then we will be doing a Round Robin to sort the task forces as evenly as possible.

I will also note that the introduction of an achievement/merit-based rank system is in the Roadmap, something that Bravo Fleet has never truly had. Right now the BFA is still debating its implementation and how to be the fairest to members who have been with us for years. More to come on that as we get closer.


As with most online clubs, we don’t generate any profits and do this all for fun. We do, however, have out of pocket expenses. Bravo Fleet has historically lived on donations and we will continue to live on the support and generosity of our members. Please, if you can, think about donating to Bravo Fleet to keep our out of pocket costs down. All donations will go directly to paying for our infrastructure with any excess going into ad generation.