New Competitions

October 2, 2020

Happy October All,


Today, we bring you three new competitions created by two members of the fleet.  A big thanks to both of these hard-working members for their creativity.


First and in honor of up and coming Discovery Season 3, we bring you a Discovery Puzzle.  This puzzle was created by Ezra Gonzalez and was rather difficult.   I enjoy these fun puzzles so best of luck to you all.


Secondly, we have two writing competitions created by Jonileth.  These writing competitions are titled, The Other Side Of The Mirror, and deal with a staple in all of Trek: the Mirror Universe.


The first asks you to create the Mirror Universe counterpart to one of your characters and can be found here.  How would your character be different if they had grown up on the other side?  Time to get creative and have some fun.  The second one located here deals with what if.  What if you found yourself in the wrong Universe?  How would you blend in and survive?


Both of these are great, creative, and thought-provoking topics.  May the odds be ever in your favor