The Other Side of the Mirror: Biography Writing Competition

Lead Judge
Jon Bastin

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Before participating in a competition, please read and understand our competitions policy. Please do not share your results or submit multiple entries. Violations of these rules are punisble by the Magistrate Office.


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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

A staple from almost all the various Trek Series, the Mirror Universe has offered us a glimpse into a world that is completely opposite of what we know of as the Star Trek Universe. Almost everything about it is twisted, contorted, and sometimes even broken. Every aspect of life is utterly contrary to how we see them in the mainstream of the Trek shows, and though it is often used as a plot device for a ‘story of the week’ break from the norm, the episodes always make us wonder… what if that were what we saw all the time… what if that was our normal?

For this competition, we are going to explore this idea, to make something that featured sporadically throughout Trek history into something of our own. To this end, I submit to you a challenge. Take one of the characters you play within the Fleet and create their Mirror Universe counterpart. Look at what that character is, where they came from, who they are, and re-imagine them as part of the Mirror Universe. The more unlike they are to their Prime Universe selves, the better!


  • Biographies should be created using the BFMS system, as cameo characters. When submitting entries, provide a link to both the Prime Universe character as well as the Mirror Universe counterpart that you play. Entries will be judged on their creativity, detail, and how well they Mirror one another.