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New BFA position! New staff members! Insanity! Chaos!

February 13, 2020

Members of Bravo Fleet:

As most of you have read by now, Bravo Fleet is working on transitioning into a new way of doing things, a new activity model, which will still fully support simming that we’ve always done, but also all sorts of “new” things Bravo Fleet will institutionally support. One of those things we want to start really pushing and supporting is gaming. Star Trek has a long history of games, and Bravo Fleet has an up and down history of gaming support. I, myself, found my way into Bravo Fleet from originally playing Bridge Commander. Right now Star Trek has two big ones: Star Trek Online and Star Trek Timelines. On top of that, our members also play a bunch of other games which Bravo Fleet can consider to support. What does “support” mean, you might wander? Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at adding awards specifically for gaming with other Bravo Fleet members, integrating gaming into BF-wide events that will come down the line, etc.

To support our new gaming endeavors, the BFA has added a position to the Admiralty called the Bravo Fleet Gaming Officer. The Bravo Fleet Gaming Officer is charged with the oversight and management of the fleet’s video gaming activities. The BFA discussed possible options to fill the role and came up with one person: RAdm Domingo, the TF99CO; he is a well respected member of this community, an avid gamer, and running all things gaming is right in his wheelhouse for Bravo Fleet. Congratulations Domingo on being the inaugural Bravo Fleet Gaming Officer!

With the vacancy at the TF99CO position it was one of the most natural decisions the BFA has made: FAdm Mike Bremer. As a former BFCO and 99CO, Mike is well versed in all facets of the fleet and the unique challenges that 99 brings. There is zero doubt that he will excel as 99CO and continue to bring great, unique stories to Bravo Fleet.

Finally, to fill the position of Magistrate the BFA had to find someone who fit a unique set of criteria. The Magistrate is a position that is almost on par with the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer. The Magistrate should be someone who is respect, knows the rules of the fleet inside and out, and is even keeled to mediate disputes. Someone who critically understands that the Magistrate position is an absolute last ditch effort and does everything to keep disputes within the chain of command to be mediated. Normally this position is filled with someone with a lot of what I call “elder statesman experience”; former BFCOs and BFXOs are great candidates for this position as they normally check all of the boxes. With all of that, on behalf of the BFA I approached JonM about the possibility of taking over the Magistrate position. His time is quite limited, but ideally the Magistrate doesn’t do a whole lot (at least, that’s the goal). He agreed to take the position with his character FAdm Allison Reyes.

All of these votes have been confirmed by respondent COs. Congratulations to all!