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July 2019 Monthly Awards

September 14, 2019

Player of the Month (TF9)

Zakaran Ick’thar, USS Proxima

“This player has stepped up to help move us forward and take the mantle as XO with a new character while still writing her original character.”

Sim of the Month (TF9)

USS Proxima

“For the steadfastness of the crew in dealing with 3 CO changes in the last 2 months, while still writing compelling stories, the USS Proxima is the sim of the month for TF9.”

Player of the Month (TF38)

Rufus Wessex, Starbase Aurora

“Edgeford has been an absolutely outstanding player, embodying the spirit of collaboration aboard Starbase Aurora and setting the standard for detail, realism, and engagement in his posts.”

Sim of the Month (TF38)

Starbase Aurora

“Starbase Aurora has done an amazing job with recruitment and activity thus far along with having a team of writers that are intent on writing lasting stories.”

Player of the Month (TF64)

Nirak, USS Mercury

“I am nominating Kyle (Lieutenant Commander Nirak) for player of the month. He has created so much backstory for our current mission, and is consistently involved in all matters of the sim. Not only that but he is also involved with the Bravo Fleet graphics team and has done some amazing work for our fellow players. He’s a real pleasure to have on my sim and in many ways, he’s the ying to my yang.”

Sim of the Month (TF64)

USS Alexandria

“The Alexandria went from being the second most active in June to the most active game in July – even with their CO being on vacation, running a number of games, and TF99. I also appreciate the work of the Alexandria to explore the galaxy with a Star Trek: Discovery lens.”

Player of the Month (TF72)

Soit Emla, New Lakarian City

“Kyle has been instrumental to the success of New Lakarian City. He is undoubtedly our most versatile player, boldly writing every character from Cardassian civilians and Embassy personnel to Ferengi diplomats. He’s a staple in our crew, starting posts, encouraging other writers, and developing plots for the entire game. New Lakarian City would not be the game it is today without Kyle’s ideas.”

Sim of the Month (TF72)

USS Boadicea

“The USS Boadicea has staged an impressive return to Bravo Fleet, telling entertaining stories with a close-knit crew and seizing the opportunities of the Gavarian Corridor plotline’s reopening.”

Player of the Month (TF93)

Cassandra Rae, USS Excalibur

“I am going to nominate Sarah (Ensign Cassandra Rae) for this award this month, once again, she has made the position her own, so much so, that it is always the first thing my command staff talks about when discussing the simulation. Already with our storyline, Sarah has jumped right in and built in a backstory for her character and department and gotten right into making the plotline involving her character her own, offering suggestions that might be worth a second look by anybody else, but myself and the command staff love reading her ideas and can’t wait to read what happens with her character throughout this mission and beyond.”

Sim of the Month (TF93)

USS Sirona

“I am going to nominate the USS Sirona this month, I have found their simulation to be one that I am always bound to look at several times a month, always to see what they are getting up to. A great group of writers who all seem to work very well together, with a storyline that always seems to inspire good writing. They aren’t the fastest paced simulation but they never give up. I really loved reading “Playing The Part, Part Two” with their current mission really making headway in what they want to achieve, that post shows me how dedicated each writer is to not only their character but to each other and to the simulation. To switch between two locations on a constant basis is hard, but this crew seem to make it look easy and it was very easy for me to follow along with the post and therefore know where things were up to with the current mission, so well done to the Sirona crew!”

Player of the Month (TF99)

Titus Knight, Port Royale

“Awarded to Captain Titus Knight of Starbase Port Royale. The Fleet Strategic Operations Officer for Task Force 99 and support commander of the USS Tianlong. Captain Knight is a delight to write with, and has a sense of humor, that grows on you. This new character has done well posting wise in the month of July and is truly deserving of this award.”

Sim of the Month (TF99)

ISS Yamato

CO #1: I am really enjoying the story that is coming from this sim. Keep up the good work!
CO #2: It’s tough running a mirror universe sim, many have tried. The ISS Yamato seems to be going well, posts are fun to read too.
CO #3: They’re doing quite well. Happy to see a mirror universe sim working out.