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Internet Office Update – BFMS Writing

January 23, 2022

Over the past two years, the Bravo Fleet Management System has grown to support almost all of the activities we offer. We’ve added competitions, a ranking system, and even integrated writing functions to support our members’ storytelling. No matter how capable our system is, using the default WordPress post page doesn’t always provide the most intuitive process. We’ve slowly moved many of the most frequently used functions, such as the dashboard, competitions, and activity reporting, away from the “backend” of the system to provide our members with a better experience.

Back in September 2021, David announced that we officially added support for roleplaying games on BFMS – bringing collaborative writing to a platform that already housed our individual storytelling. Writing, especially when done collaboratively, demands a system tailored for that purpose. Although the centralized format and capability of BFMS writing surpassed that of competing systems, the way we created stories and wrote with others fell short.

I’m happy to announce that, as of today, BFMS has a brand new writing interface! First, we created a Writing Panel where you have quick access to saved stories and current missions. For game managers, we’ve added sections where you can view pending applications and read all of the saved stories on your games. BFMS will also let you know when you have a tag or when someone’s editing one of your saved stories!

When you create or edit a post, you’ll find that it’s even easier to select characters or a mission. No more having to save the post before you can see the correct characters or find a game’s mission.

Instead of showing a handful of screenshots, I’ll let you take a look at the new updates yourself!