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Gaming Office Updates – March 2021

April 1, 2021

I’m late in the month at this. I apologize; this is more life related. And boy, do I have some updates for you.

First Contact Day is here for everyone on April 5th, and the Gaming Office is celebrating with the rest of Bravo Fleet! We have three contests running concurrently for this:

  • Star Trek Trivia Challenge run by our very own Gaming XO! From what I hear, it is challenging to say the least. Come take the challenge, maybe you will do well, maybe not? This does not require any knowledge of Star Trek Online, but it does not hurt, right?
  • The first ever STO First Contact Day Scavenger Hunt! This is a challenge that is designed to not be easy – finding these Easter eggs in the game requires you to have knowledge of Star Trek, Star Trek Online… and The Simpsons? Fascinating.
  • STO First Contact Event – to mirror STO’s own event – also has a chance of getting bonus ribbons based on how you do with the building of the Phoenix.

Here’s a good opportunity to get you that little boost with Bravo Fleet, and hey… you’re having fun while doing it, right? Right!

During these things, I have a tradition of going over what our fleets are doing, to give this thing something to fill out. The Federation base is at Level 60, and working on its Tier 4 Industrial Fabricator project for the starbase. The Klingon base is at Level 24, with open projects for the Dilithium Mine, Embassy and K-13. We are making serious progress on both bases, and every level is a step closer to major goodies for the fleets through completed tiers.

World of Warships is also progressing along nicely! For those that do not know, this game instead of contributing through some earnable resource you get a little bit of oil every time you open a container, which can be purchased or just earned through regular gameplay. We haven’t had a major part for that in a month, but we have a nice oil reserve built up to contribute towards the next upgrade, so we have that going for us, which is nice!

Well, this one is short, sweet, and to the point. Have a great April, and don’t get fooled easily!