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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff


A new challenge has arisen! A trivia contest. After some thinking, this trivia contest may be one of many. Come and test your Star Trek Knowledge in this custom-made contest. These answers are not easy and this contest is NOT meant to be an open-source search trivia. This is to test your knowledge of Star Trek from shows to movies. However, if you go and look for the answers that is not something that can or will be stopped. I challenge you to see how you do without looking though.


DISCLAIMER: I had a third party test this quiz and they guessed every answer and got every one of them right.


  • This is a timed trivia quiz. Make sure and screenshot the time when you complete the quiz.
  • The system does require you to sign in to a Google account for the quizzes timer to work.
  • If no screenshot is attached you will be disqualified.