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STO First Contact Day Scavenger Hunt


First Contact Day celebrates Earth’s first steps in joining the greater galactic community. Every species has their version of this – most dates are lost to time or not observed as the humans do – but a species that has been only spacefaring for three hundred sixty years achieving so much in so little time is unheard of. Because of this, many other species join the Federation in celebrating the humans’ accomplishment and the first steps into the void.

Star Trek Online celebrates this day. As on of the few named dates in Star Trek, it is only natural that this is marked as a place to celebrate. And this particular one, Bravo Fleet’s Gaming Office is proud to present an additional layer: a scavenger hunt.

Not the rocket one! This is actually something for the game itself, in that we are going to ask you to find small details about the game itself and get you to look for them. There are many places across the game that have links to parts of Star Trek (and sometimes wider pop culture too) that if you are knowledgeable and lucky enough, you may be able to locate somewhere out there. These are gems hidden in plain sight, details you may not necessarily think are something big but if you look closer they add to the environment and the immersion level of the game.

Maybe you won’t be reaching for the stars with this one like Zephram, but you’ll be traveling them, so it’s close.

Here’s what you’re going to find:

  1. On Earth Spacedock, there’s always a line for this room in Club 47. Seems to be a very popular relief area, don’t you agree?
  2. Welcome to Drozana! This is one of the first places that Starfleet and KDF people could get together in-game, and it’s a feature in the Spectres arc as a very old Starfleet base claimed by Ferengi. During the war, it was one of a few neutral grounds, but since the war ended, why are these two staring each other down?
  3. Deep Space Nine is known for its characters. But there’s a Simpsons reference here, too, spoken by one of the vendors. See if you can negotiate a deal.
  4. On Deep Space Nine, there’s always a hint of The Sisko’s return in Ops.
  5. A poorly maintained starbase can be found in the Beta Quadrant and is the lament of all that serve on the lower decks.
  6. Defera has been under siege by the Borg for some time, and it shows in the makeup of the Borg that you fight. See if you can find a progression scale of Deferi through the assimilation process in the City area.
  7. The Tal’Shiar is always watching New Romulus. See if you can catch one of their agents openly spying in the Staging Area before they beam out.
  8. Exploring Risa finds lots of treasures, but strangely enough no item drops like you would get at other adventure zones. That’s because some enterprising Ferengi has them all hidden away! See if you can find them.
  9. On Nimbus III, the fixtures aren’t well maintained. In fact, this part in the bar hasn’t been fixed since Kirk’s visit.


  • Take a look at the hints above, and see if you can find them in-game; when you do, get a screenshot
  • Submit a competition entry into the BFMS for as many as you can find; use an image hosting service so you can save multiple pictures
  • You can submit however many you find, be it one or all nine! People who find as many as possible will have a better chance to win though
  • In addition to the standard medals, the Gaming Office will also award one Ultra Rare TR-116B rifle and a Duty Officer Pack to the overall winner of the competition
  • This is open to all BF members with a Federation character in STO, be it PC, XBOX, or PS; sorry, Klingons, but the last time the KDF was allowed onboard Earth Spacedock they had to rebuild several sections


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