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Gaming Competitions – Results and Reminders

April 12, 2021

Hello all!

Gaming’s got a whole bunch of stuff – April is a busy month for us, with First Contact Day starting us off and the relaunch of the Delta Recruit Event. We have plenty of competitions going on, and the results of at least one that we have to share.

Our Gaming XO has created a wonderful Trivia Competition, and it is not an easy challenge! No prior STO knowledge is necessary, but might be handy to have. Just answering a bunch of questions, and some of the questions are very tricky. Take a shot at it and see where your knowledge of Trek lore goes. This one only has a few days left on it, and it goes *poof* on the 16th at midnight UTC. Even our resident Loremaster may find it challenging. Yes, I’m throwing the gauntlet at Lady Blue. Will she pick it up?

The First Contact Day event is still ongoing, and you have until midnight on the 22nd of April UTC to send in your screenshots for this one. All you have to do is build a model rocket, and you get some bonus ribbons for it? Deal!

2021 appears to be the Year of the Recruit for Star Trek Online, first with the Klingon Recruitment event and now the return of the classic Delta Recruitment. As a longer-term player, I applaud the return of this event; I like it when newer players can grab the same goodies seasoned players had for years like the holographic Engineering Bridge Officer, or the very good Temporal Insight starship trait. The developers have promised more goodies for this run, as the level cap has increased from when this was first run and to make it more valuable for players to start a new character. Bravo Fleet has decided to run our own event to coincide, which enhances rewards for players whom take advantage of this great thing. Even a seasoned veteran like me will gain in-game rewards from the event – the dilithium supply alone is worth it – so get your character creation screens ready to create a new 2409 character on the 16th!

If Gaming in STO is not your forte, you can check out any of the other active competitions. We just like to play, and participation in any form is good.

And now, I have the pleasure of announcing the winner of the STO Scavenger Hunt. It was surprisingly harder than I thought it was going to be! To get down to brass tacks, the winner of this one was… DarthCrusader! He found all the items in the hunt, the only one to do so. Watch out for the in-game items to be sent to you via PM. In second was the BFCO himself, teylasramar! And coming in third was bri.whyte.

  1. On Earth Spacedock, there’s always a line for this room in Club 47. Seems to be a very popular relief area, don’t you agree? This is the restroom found in Club 47, directly behind the bar. A lineup signifies its importance and looks like some people have to wait for quite a while, considering the line has not moved since Stardock was revamped after the Undine invasion.
  2. Welcome to Drozana! This is one of the first places that Starfleet and KDF people could get together in-game, and it’s a feature in the Spectres arc as a very old Starfleet base claimed by Ferengi. During the war, it was one of a few neutral grounds, but since the war ended, why are these two staring each other down? This one I had to sort of mulligan for everyone who entered. My original intention for this was the Starfleet and KDF members staring at each other through the divider from the opposite ends of two different tables, right behind the undercover operative Ze’mara from the Spectres storyline. However, there were several others I did not realize were doing the same thing throughout the map! (On a side note, play Spectres. It’s a good arc, and it has voiceover from James Doohan’s son.)
  3. Deep Space Nine is known for its characters. But there’s a Simpsons reference here, too, spoken by one of the vendors. See if you can negotiate a deal. This is the one that tripped everyone up, much to my surprise. One of the hidden vendors on Deep Space Nine’s Promenade, an Orion in a little side corridor behind a bubble window every once in a while says “Stupid, sexy me!”, which is a direct reference to the “Stupid, sexy Flanders!” gag from The Simpsons. If you want to find him, he’s bathed in purple light.
  4. On Deep Space Nine, there’s always a hint of The Sisko’s return in Ops. Sisko’s baseball is still on display on Captain Kurland’s desk.
  5. A poorly maintained starbase can be found in the Beta Quadrant and is the lament of all that serve on the lower decks. In the dialogue of one of the episodes of Lower Decks, they mention how Starbase 80 is a poorly maintained starbase and it is a punishment to be assigned there. This base is found in Star Trek Online, in the Celes system on the Celes Sector Block. It’s not officially on the map.
  6. Defera has been under siege by the Borg for some time, and it shows in the makeup of the Borg that you fight. See if you can find a progression scale of Deferi through the assimilation process in the City area. When you beam onto Deferi, turn left and fight your way past the drones, following the left wall of the map. When you reach the back part of the Medium challenge area, turn around and you’ll notice a group of nine Borg alcoves, eight of which are occupied. The Deferi here show every phase of assimilation.
  7. The Tal’Shiar is always watching New Romulus. See if you can catch one of their agents openly spying in the Staging Area before they beam out. At the Staging Area, to the east of the Warehouse instance building is a tree that someone is spying on the adventure zone. You’ll see it on the mini-map before spying that it’s a Tal’Shiar spy! Approaching too close will cause the spy to beam out, which made this one of the more difficult parts to take a screenshot of.
  8. Exploring Risa finds lots of treasures, but strangely enough no item drops like you would get at other adventure zones. That’s because some enterprising Ferengi has them all hidden away! See if you can find them. At Sovak’s camp, directly behind him is two open crates full of item drops. You have to angle your camera down when standing between the crates to see it. Leave it to a Ferengi to wrangle up every single item drop to sell for a profit…
  9. On Nimbus III, the fixtures aren’t well maintained. In fact, this part in the bar hasn’t been fixed since Kirk’s visit. This one requires you to know your Star Trek V. During the movie, when Kirk is trying to enter the bar he is attacked by the infamous Caitian (?) with a non-standard amount of mammary glands. To end the struggle, Kirk throws the attacker against what can best be described as a video jukebox, breaking the screen. This video jukebox is still there in the bar, and the screen has never been fixed.