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Ferengi Week Competition Results

October 27, 2020

For our first Task Force-level set of competitions, I’m very pleased to announce that turn-out was great and we had entries in all seven competitions! As always, we encourage you to submit to as many contests are you’re able, as there’s always a chance to win something. Without further adieu, I’ll go through the medalists:

Word Search

1st Place: Dorian Grey (67 seconds)
2nd Place: Revarric (240 seconds)
3rd Place JeBryson325 (347 seconds)


1st Place: Sam Aubrey (7:16)
2nd Place: McGig (8:32)
3rd Place: Kitahashi (9:40)

Gree-Worm Farming

1st Place: capierno (1841)
2nd Place: Kitahashi (1489)
3rd Place: Woozamagoo (859)

Rules of Acquisition Quiz

1st Place: Adam (23/25)
2nd Place: Dorian Grey (20/25)
3rd Place: McGig (15/25)

Biography Contest

Create a character biography for someone living along the Ferengi-Federation border.

1st Place: Woozamago Entry: Pren

Judge’s Comment: 

You did a really good job of capturing this woman’s narrative and the struggle that Ferengi women face on their home world!

2nd Place: VividShado Entry: Zaneme

Judge’s Comment: 

Good job capturing what it’s like to be a social outcast, but making it past the stigma.

3rd Place: Adam Entry: Razak

Judge’s Comment: 

A very interesting character, for sure. Human-Ferengi hybrids are rarely explored, and the graphics were great.

Flash Fiction Contest

Create a piece of fiction under 300 words related to this image:

1st Place: cali_angel717

A derelict Klingon warbird! Oh how lucky could I be? In all of my years of trading and making latinum, I never came onto a prize like this! Who do I sell it to? How much Latinum can I make off of this? I can only dream as a couple of my fellow Ferengi ships seem to see this prize as well. Instantly, I order my tac minion to set the tractor beam onto my prize. I want to tell my fellow traders that “This prize is mine… and mine alone!” Once the tractor beam locks onto the warbird, I can feel my smile widening. I can see the Latinum flowing into my coiffeurs! I maneuver my ship in front of my fellow Ferengi. It is time to tell them that I hit the jackpot. They will not take what is mine. If I have to defend my prize, I will! No one is going to take me away from all of the Latinum bars that I see coming.

As my fellow ships fly away, I think to myself…. “Who can I sell this to?” Not the Klingons. That would be bad for business. The Cardassians are worse. They don’t see profit. Maybe a world that needs technology? Yes! That is it! Once my fellow Ferengi are out of range, I set course for the nearest world that would give me profit. Glory Days will come! I can feel it!

Judge’s comment: The choice to do first-person was intriguing and I think it was very effective at getting inside the mind of a Ferengi!

2nd Place: trumpetmaster29

The hum of the tractor beam emitters filed the bridge as Marek sat back in the captain’s seat. He had just finished negotiating with the two Cardassian ships that had arrived at the battlefield where several Klingon ships lay in pieces.

“Marek, the two Cardassian ships are moving off. Looks like we’re in the clear for this salvage!”

Marek smiled. “Good to see the Cardassians being a little nicer these days.”

The tactical officer chuckled. “It might have something to do with the Federation fleet that’s less than a light year away.”

Marek snorted. “Hew-mans. They think they own the galaxy.” A couple other officers chuckled. Glancing down at his console, Marek noticed that the Klingon ship they were towing had life signs. “Why am I suddenly detecting life signs aboard that ship?” he demanded.

“I-I don’t know, DaiMon!” the tactical officer replied. “Wait! I’m detecting transporter activity aboard the Klingon ship…Cardassian transporters! They’re beaming objects off the ship!”

Marek slammed his console. “Those Cardassians tricked me! Raise our weapons!”

“What? We’re no match for one, let alone two-”

“I SAID RAISE WEAPONS!” Marek jumped over to the tactical console and activated the weapons array. “THAT should get their attention.”

And it did. The two Cardassian ships stopped, turned around, and charged their weapons and shields.

“Attention Ferengi cruiser. Power down your systems and prepare to be boarded.”

The bridge crew all looked around nervously at each other. Marek reached under his chair and pulled out his personal hand phaser. The others did similar at their stations. “Not a problem,” Marek replied. “We await your teams.”

Judge’s comment: 

Good job capturing what it would be like for a Ferengi to operate in contested territory.

3rd Place: VividShado

Ferengi: To Klingon’s, these are but ships of war but to us Ferengi…a profit.

Judge’s Comment: Short, but sweet, like the most famous pieces of flash fiction.

Short Story Contest

Write a short story about life on the Federation’s frontier with the Ferengi.

1st Place: Woozamagoo Entry

Judge’s Comment: 

Well written and interesting, especially when we wonder what Ferengi-Federation relations are like right now

A great effort from all participants!