Fleet News - Task Force 9

Task Force Shuffle Since the current BFA has come into office, one of our major goals – one of my major goals – has been to see what has been working and what has not been working in Bravo Fleet in the most recent past and currently by garnering feedback from as many sources as […]

Greetings!   It is my great pleasure to announce the promotion of Nate, CO of the USS Proxima, to the role of Task Force Executive Officer. Nate has shown great interest in helping develop the task force canon, and has shown steady progression and leadership skills since taking over the center seat on the Proxima. […]

  TO  All Fleet
FROM  Rear Admiral Erszebet Virkov
 VIA  Task Force 9

News from Task Force 9! USS Ride: The crew of the USS Ride has joined with a small Dominion Task Force to glean what information they can about their quarry, by investigating the wreckage of a Borg installation along the Gamma/Delta border.  USS Constitution: The USS Constitution begins its story arriving at its first destination […]

Hello Bravo Fleet!  It is my great pleasure to announce the promotion of Commodore Caymen Greener (better known as Chris on Discord) to the role of Executive Officer of Task Force 9. Caymen brings with him a wealth of experience in varied roles around the Fleet, but I’ll let him speak for himself! “My name […]

The Slow Drums Bridge: USS Opaka 1126 HRS “Leaving Deep Space 9 local authority. ETA to wormhole three minutes,” the steely voice of the helm officer announced.  A flagship she was not, but Admiral Erszebet Virkov couldn’t help but admire the efficiency of the crew of the USS Opaka. The ship had been a relatively […]

  TO  Task Force 25
FROM  Admiral Lauren Archer
 VIA  Fleet Command, Task Force 9
  ON  October 1, 2388

With the Consortium reduced to a relatively minor group it is time for Task Force 9 to pursue a new canon. As some of you may know the concept for a new canon has been in the works and in recent months the Task Force Senior Staff, in consultation with the Bravo Fleet Command Council […]