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Ferengi Female

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Zaneme was born on Clarus in 2354.
Her current age is 45, but her appearance is that of a middle to early twenty-year-old.
Her father, Lurigg, a very successful and profitable merchant, and her Mother, Tashka, a stay at home mother, were both killed.
She wears clothing, even though some of her species still think that she should not.
She owns several profitable business venues; three Tritanium mines (locations are kept secret from even the Ferengi), two Dilithium processing stations (locations are kept secret from even the Ferengi) a bar on her home planet on Clarus.
She is currently in negotiations with a private organization for a private military establishment from which she would train her own personal guards.


Zaneme was born on Clarus in 2354, during a storm that lasted for nearly an entire week. Her mother, Tashka, tried as she might teach the traditional ways of the Ferengi to her daughter, but the wild child wanted nothing more but to explore and in secret during this time of her youth make a profit for herself knowing that it was forbidden. When she turned the age of twenty, she had amassed with anyone knowing, due to her altering her appearance to that of a male, a small fortune. Unfortunately for her, Zaneme’s father, Lurigg, found out about her small fortune and took it from himself to save his daughters life. He warned her that if she continued on this path, she would be brought before the Nagus or Grand Nagus and be forced to return every Gold Press Latium piece that she had gained in her ventures.

On her 25th birthday, Zaneme witnessed an act of violence towards her and her family that made it possible for her to appear dead but all the while alive and able to secretly restart her profits once more, without male interference. On her birthday, an unknown person had a disagreement with her father at their home. He drew out a blaster and killed her father, and took aim at Zaneme. The high-pitched screech from her father alerted her mother, who dove to protect her daughter, and at the same time, the bolt from the blaster hit her mother, who crumbled on top of her daughter. Zaneme fainted death from the man who took everything of value in the home, save for a few items that had remained hidden. He then set fire to the home and disappeared.

While the home that she knew burnt to the ground, she stood there watching the flames kiss the orange skies and knew that her mother had given her a gift, a second chance to do what she had tried to do long ago, turn into a wealthy and profitable Ferengi. Several years later, she stood in a bar that she had procured from an old and ill human that had tried to establish a bar on the Ferengi world but had failed due to his frail body. The bar had indeed been a profitable start to her ventures, and now she wanted more, just like every other merchant. Reaching out to an old colleague of hers that she had made when she had first made a disguise for her ears and breasts, she negotiated for a small loan to expand her current establishment. However, unknown to him, it was to guarantee the collection of a Dilithium mine, one of two that she would eventually procure and own along with three Tritanium mines.

During one of her inspections of one of her more profitable venues, a Tritanium Mine, an assassin with a bounty on for her death, tried to kill her. However, not being an ordinary Ferengi, she could elude the assassin by removing her disguise and her clothing and making herself appear to be a servant to someone withing the mine. Upon her escaping this attempt on her life, Zaneme thought that it would be best to contact a known private organization that could identify an area where she could set up a private military establishment and that they could indeed train a personal guard for her for a small fee. She agreed to this, knowing that it would in time turn a profit as she could then send out her own private armies to either escort or provide security for a small company for a fee, of course.