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Echoes of the Tkon: Lore Office Revelations

July 21, 2021

You all know it by now: this weekend, Saturday 24th July, the next Fleet Action kicks off. In just a few days we launch a veritable smorgasbord of challenges: puzzles, trivia, games, graphic design, fiction competitions… storytelling!

But what’s an adventure when we don’t know the stakes? So it is my great honour to present you the introductory fiction to this Fleet Action with Echoes of the Tkon: Revelations.

Read it, and hang onto your butts.

But wait! There’s more! There will, of course, be Fiction Competitions this Fleet Action, and I intend to truly challenge the fleet’s writers to bring their A-Game for glory and bragging rights. But the Lore Office will also, as I’ve explained before, be supervising and supporting storytelling as we have before with the fleet-wide Archanis Campaign. If Revelations whets your whistle for the competitions and challenges to come, and that’s enough for you, that’s grand. Enjoy the ride.

If you want to take part in the Fleet-Wide Fiction that will occur alongside the competitions and challenges, you’ve got a few days to get ready. Just as well I’ve got something primed to help you prepare. Oh, and a little more supporting lore to sprinkle on top. Do read Revelations first.

This Saturday, it’s coming: The Beginning, and the End.