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Echoes of the Tkon: Lore Office News

July 4, 2021

Exciting news from the Lore Office! After seeking more writers, I am happy to announce the Lore Office has taken on Mark as the latest Staff Assistant for the Canon Team. Expect to see his impact on the wiki and other Lore Office content in the weeks ahead, and I know I’ll find a fresh voice in the Lore Mines very welcome.

Speaking of the Lore Mines… that’s not the only juicy update of this announcement. Something’s happening in BF in late July, our evil overlord says?

On July 24th, Bravo Fleet will launch its second Fleet Action. That’s not just eight weeks of competitions: that’s a fleet-wide event that every member can get involved in, and it’s the next big thing in Bravo Fleet Canon.


Unlike The Raptor’s Wings, Echoes of Tkon won’t just have fiction writing competitions. We’ll offer an ongoing story and opportunities for fiction writing just like our Lore Office campaign last seen in Q1’s Archanis Campaign. Even outside of participating in competitions, every member can write a story to leave their mark on the biggest event in Bravo Fleet lore of the year!

I’m not going to reveal any plot yet, but let me pull the curtain back a bit so you’re ready for what’s ahead.

The events of Echoes of the Tkon will be galaxy-spanning. Wherever your story might currently be set, the plot can still come to you! As we’ll be facing a mysterious emergency, you don’t have to write about your ship rushing to a crisis or waiting around for orders. There’ll be lots of ways to spin a tale, but if you want to start out with the action kicking down your door, you can do that!

Unlike Archanis, Echoes will consist of three separate plots, one for each of the three phases (that’s two three-week periods, then a two-week finale). This can make a three-act story if you want, or you can write just one phase – even the middle! – and I promise you, it can work. Furthermore, while there’s space for long and twisty tales, we’ve made sure there are options for much simpler stories. You could write a chapter a phase, and while it’d be a lean and punchy jump from plot point to plot point, it’d be a complete story.

(It’s been done before. Look at our own BFCO’s contribution to the Archanis Campaign, a story with a beginning, middle, and end that’s still positively haiku-esque in its concision)

Each phase will open with a quick briefing document like (but definitely shorter than) Archanis’s briefing. It’ll tell you the situation and lay out plot suggestions and ideas. Importantly, it might give hints of where you’d want to aim for as an ‘end point’ in that phase. It’ll be worth being realistic about your writing speed; look at each phase’s briefing and think, ‘What can I write in 2-3 weeks?’ and plan accordingly. After all, you’ll want to be ready for what comes next! In short, with a little planning, I promise you can write at your own pace and still have an impact.

Most excitingly, Echoes of the Tkon’s stories will take place on the all-new Bravo Fleet website. It’ll be our first dip into our new integrated writing system, and I’m looking forward to all my reading being right at my fingertips in one place! But I’ll leave those secrets for the Internet Office.

The important thing is, whatever you’re writing now, just remember: July 24th, the biggest story of the year begins. You don’t want to miss it.