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Delta Quadrant IDIC Week

November 30, 2020

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations has been one of the guiding philosophies of Star Trek for over fifty years. It is the principle that life by its very nature will appear in an infinite multitude of forms; we should value diversity because it is a fact of the universe and because valuing, respecting, and celebrating diversity make us stronger. For TF17’s inaugural competition week, we have selected a theme that will have you exploring some of the many races encountered by Voyager which exemplifies the point that the universe is a diverse place. While races like the Vulcans, Klingons, and Cardassians have all had lots of screen time, we want to pay tribute to the “Aliens of the Week” that appeared during Voyager‘s seven-year run.

While Task Force 17’s mandate includes all manner of deep space exploration stories, we’re honoring the transition from Task Force 38 by starting with stories set in the Delta Quadrant. This week includes seven competitions, which should have something for everyone. We encourage you to enter as many of them as possible, as some may offer clues to the others!


In the antepenultimate episode of Star Trek: Voyager, Neelix settles with a Talaxian colony in an asteroid field. Asteroid fields are notoriously chaotic, so your ship has been sent to destroy asteroids that threaten to collide with the colony.

Word Search

Voyager performed a record number of first contacts while in the Delta Quadrant. Can you pick out all of the races listed from this word search?


Part of the training for every officer hoping to serve in the Delta Quadrant is recognizing the various species native to the quadrant. Can you identify the race based on a picture and a short description?

Second Contact (Flash Fiction)

Your character is assigned to a second contact vessel, hoping to reach out and reconnect ties first started by Voyager but which haven’t been touched in over 20 years. Pick a moment from second contact to describe in flash fiction (under 300 words) inspired by this shot of the USS Cerritos, a starship dedicated to second contact missions.

The Voyager Conundrum (Fiction)

In 3,000 words or less of fiction, describe the scenario in which rather than the USS Voyager being pulled through into the Delta Quadrant, it’s your own ship and your own main character. What were they doing before they were pulled through to the other side? How do they interact with the Ocampa and Kazon? And in the end, what is their decision?

Biography Competition

For this competition, develop a biography of a character who is assigned to a Delta Quadrant ship. What motivated them to volunteer for the Delta Exploration Initiative? What are they leaving behind? What skills do they have that make them suited for a mission that might not have an easy or fast way home?