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Change of Guards

December 26, 2017

From Command
Area of Operations Task Force 93
Commandant Vice Admiral Anin

Good day,

The past year has been enormous in many ways, we have seen so many things change and flourish among our mids. Changes like this Task Force so drastic right in front of my eyes, we managed to continue development of a more in-depth story. We manage to bring the stories that were written by our writing groups to the front and show the community what beautiful stories they created. In my own experience, I saw a chaotic Task Force come together as one front, one band of brothers and most importantly a great family that supports each other with creating new stories. I have never been so proud of what you all have accomplished. Thank you so much…

Some things never last I guess, but respectfully change might also be good. Therefore I am sad to announce that Commodore Hawkes and Commander Wolff have stepped down from their Task Force Staff duties. Though I will miss my right hand and intelligence officer, I am glad and even proud to see them stay with us as Captains of their Sims. For their dedicate services towards the Task Force and beyond, I am honored to give them both the Bronze Star. You will notice it as part of your BFMS account already, again thank you both for what you have done for the Task Force and I look forward, as always, towards the stories of the Southern Cross and Delphi!

But with both Hawkes and Wolff stepping down from their duties, it means I have a few vacant positions on my list. I send the notice towards my Task Force for anyone to step up and the call was answered in great numbers! I thank you for your application and while you might not see your name now, don’t be sad as the Task Force always will need your input. But it is my honor to announce the following members to step up as part of the Task Force Staff.

  • Beeman – Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 93
  • Reius – Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Group Bastet in TF93

Please help me to welcome those wonderful people towards their new respective duties! Thank you all again for creating such a wonderful Task Force 🙂