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As Time Goes By…Phase 2 has started!

August 18, 2020


A big thank you to everyone who entered the competitions for Phase 1 of As Time Goes By. The results will be out soon and we have had a lot of people say how much they enjoyed the variety and challenges set. As a result of this, we hope to keep this momentum going. If you were not already aware of it, Phase 2 of our Fleet Wide set of competitions has already started and we hope everyone will enjoy the next round of activities. Submissions must be in by August 29th, 2020. You will also notice that this phase’s competitions are named after famous quotes from some legendary characters!

Here is a run down of our latest competitions, so enjoy!


Tales From The Captain’s Table – The Return!



We had some great feedback from Phase 1, with many sharing how they like the premise of Tales From The Captain’s Table, so it has made a second return to our competitions. This time we are looking to see who can join their fellow players in writing a collaborative piece set in our trendy tavern with our bartender, Cap.


A Line In The Sand


Our second competition involves players being involved in some of Trek’s most memorable battles. How would your character react/interact in such key events from Trek history? We would love to know!

War Knowledge


How much do you remember from the last two seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? Show off your knowledge of the Dominion War and answer this short quiz!

The Best of Both Worlds


On the eve of his demise against the Borg, Jean-Luc Picard knew that this could be it for him, his ship and the galaxy. Complete this puzzle which shows an iconic standoff between our heroes and one of their ruthless enemies.

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In!


Can you workout the names of everyone who commanded a starship named Enterprise? Show us your best attempts in this short fun quiz!


One For The Infobase


Our Infobase is our canon base of knowledge, can you assist BF compose a winning article about a canon Trek race?


We look forward to reviewing all of our entries! Don’t delay, submit today!