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Adventures in the Triangle Competition Results

November 23, 2020

We had a great turnout for the second Task Force-level group of competitions and I want to thank everyone who took part.  There were submissions for each of the competitions and it’s been a pleasure to be the judge on this occasion.  I’m sure everyone is eager to find out the results so I will keep you in suspense no longer.


1st Place: bri.whyte (10/10)
2nd Place: dizzyg1970 (9/10)
3rd Place: teddyg123 (8/10)


1st Place: SamAubrey (6:50)
2nd Place: McGig (9:21)
3rd Place: Kitahashi (11:10)

Word Search

1st Place: SamAubrey (71 Seconds)
2nd Place: capierno (128 Seconds)
3rd Place: OneTrekMind (130 Seconds)

Short Story Contest

Write a short story of life on the edge of the Triangle.

1st Place: Woozamagoo Entry

Judge’s Comment:

A throughly enjoyable short story that had me hooked from beginning to end.  It was filled with action, intrigue and Romulans; what more could one ask?

2nd Place: SamAubrey Entry

Judge’s Comment:

A routine day in the life, which takes an unexpected and exciting turn.  Another great short story that made deciding between the two very difficult.

Biography Contest

Create the biography of a ne’er-do-well operating within the Triangle.

 1st Place: Woozamagoo – Juzzrel Glegg

Judge’s Comment:

An interesting character to be sure, and one I hope none of my characters ever encounters.  Exactly the sort of moral vacuum that would be active within the Triangle region.

2nd Place: Ed – Jim Penderson

Judge’s Comment:

A rogue trader always ready to make a few quick credits or earn himself some gold pressed latinum.  A fun character for whom Starfleet just wasn’t a good fit with an ever expanding network of contacts.

STO Pirate Gathering

1st Place: UnknownParticipant

Judge’s Comment:

A slick looking band of Romulan raiders ready to get up to all sorts of no good.

2nd Place: bri.whyte

Judge’s Comment:

A rough looking rag-tag band that I wouldn’t like to get on the bad side of.

A great effort from everyone who took part and a big congratulations to those who won.  If you didn’t win this time, you’ll get another chance to compete soon.  Stay tuned.