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Profile Overview

Jim Penderson

Human Male

Character Information






James Wilfred Penderson



Dealer of all things curious and odd, Jim buys, sells and trades antiquities and curios from all over the quadrant. His shop, called Oddities and Entropies, is based out of Thieves haven in the Triangle.


Jim started his “career” on Earth as a child scouring the ruins of prewar cities and the countryside for lost items, war relics, or anything that he could sell to make a few credits. He enrolled at the academy but didn’t do well, finishing not quite dead last in his class and was almost drummed out when it was found he had been pocketing antiques from his field surveys classes.

Jim left the fleet after his four year tour and struck out on his own, first working with several trade ships and then on to orbiting platforms, slowly amassing a large network of contacts that could procure him artifacts and goods that may be less than legal under Federation guidelines. The constant movement from one place to another led him to set up shop at Pirate Haven, well out of the eyes of the any of the major powers, and at a central trading hub in the middle of the Triangle.

Recently, with the strife that followed the Sovereignty of Kahless business and the imploding of the Romulan empire, business has never looked better.

  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight 190
  • Age 46
  • Brown Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • Human
  • Interests
    • Credits
    • Dabo
    • Mid 2250’s smooth jazz
    • Fine Wines and Alcohol
    • Rare and exotic food
  • Motivations
    • Credits
    • Scoring the big “deal”
    • Winning a sale
    • Retiring to Risa
  • Fears
    • Creditors
    • Federation law enforcement
    • Targs
  • Quote “If there is a deal to be made, let me make it, or get out of the way.”