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Critical Moments in Battle


During every war, there come critical moments that decide the course of the conflict. This is not all that different from the game of chess. You establish a position in the early game and push for an advantage in the midgame, but ultimately there comes a deciding moment that determines whether you live to fight another day or not. It’s no wonder that some of the best Starfleet officers indulge from time to time in a game of chess!

In this competition, you will undertake a random series of puzzles from critical moments in chess games. Choose the optimal moves and you go on to the next puzzle. Choose wrong and your streak ends.

To play, go to: Puzzle Streak @ Lichess

You may attempt as many times as you want but only submit one high streak score at the end.


  • Participants should submit their streak score, as well as a screenshot of the game over screen showing the streak score.
  • Placement is determined based on total streak score. Ties will be broken based on order of submission.


User ID Date Entry
Roger Allen 2443 2023-07-21 16:13:38
Jason Devron 2554 2023-07-19 22:02:49
Ryoko Takato 2545 2023-07-14 20:19:17
Sky Athenos 2640 2023-07-14 09:04:28
Edward O'Gallagher 2688 2023-07-14 02:46:15

Competition Winners

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