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Homestead: Bartenders, Chefs, Waiters, and Barbers of Bravo Fleet


Guinan was an important counselor to many crewmembers aboard the Enterprise-D and was brought aboard as a trusted friend of Captain Picard himself. Neelix both attempted to keep the crew well fed and served as a guide throughout the Delta Quadrant aboard Voyager. Quark’s schemes kept Deep Space 9 lively, and Keiko ran the school. All of these characters were in supporting roles, but many of them had significant amounts of screen time, or were main characters. Having a non-Starfleet perspective, or at least a non-bridge officer perspective, is vital to help captains consider options. What civilian or otherwise supporting characters are on your command?

The purpose of this competition is to develop a character that serves in a supporting role aboard your command, whether that be a ship or a station. While it does not have to be a civilian (there are many ships that might not have civilians at all), it should be a supporting position such as a lounge manager, chef, barber, teacher, etc., doing something like one of the roles mentioned. This character should be attached directly to your command and visible on the manifest. While we don’t need to put every single character we mention briefly in our stories into the BFMS as a character, it’s good to keep recurring characters there so we can keep our notes and concepts straight.

There are no minimum or maximum lengths for this competition, and it will be judge on how realistic and creative the character you’ve created is. Think about what characters would complement your captain or bridge officers the most, or who they would butt heads with. Supporting characters are your opportunity to provide foils for your main characters, after all! Here’s an example.


  • Competition entries should be submitted through the competition form, with a link to the character being submitted. Characters must be story characters attached to your command, visible there on the manifest.
  • Please proofread submissions before making them. Minor errors will not impact scoring, but we need to be able to read it without comprehension issues.
  • Entries will be graded on descriptiveness, creativity, and adherence to the lore.


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