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Create a Klingon House Emblem


Calling all Graphic Designers and Lovers of Klingon things!

Bravo Fleet, Task Force 86 and the Graphics Departments are happy to introduce a new competition! Beginning July 3rd and running until July 24th, you have the opportunity to design your own emblem of a Klingon House! They can be a Great House, a House on the High Council, a House Minor, or a Banner member to a Great House.

Below are shareable links to the templates for the competition. There are several kinds of emblem shields in both .PSD and .PNG format. There are also some samples, a font for the Klingon language, and some suggestion notes.

This competition is open to ALL HANDS! If you are a member of Bravo Fleet and have an interest, you are eligible!

Make a Klingon Emblem (ZIP File)
Klingon Emblem (PNG Alternate)

The competition will be graded on content quality, originality, and of course “looking Klingon” (as somewhat nebulous as that is). The Klingons do not seem to use concrete images (a taarg, a bird) in their emblems, but instead, rough-hewn geometrics that *could* symbolize any number of things. The intention is to create a plaque or crest you would be proud to see hanging in your Klingon household.


  • The design you create should be ORIGINAL. No need to recreate the House of Mogh or House of Martok.
  • The design you create should be from an ORIGINAL HOUSE as well. Please don't submit emblems for say, the House of Chang or the House of Koloth.
  • Please use the provided templates (either the PNG or PSD) to create your House Emblem.
  • By submitting your emblem, you are agreeing to allow Bravo Fleet and Task Force 86 to use your creation as a future Klingon House emblem (properly credited to you of course).
  • Emblems will be judged on the overall quality of the .PNG and proper format (please keep your image in PNG format), originality of the design, artistic "pop" (does it look more than two-dimensional) and of course needs to "look Klingon."
  • You may submit more than one entry but only one can be ranked in the top three.


User ID Date Entry
Koloth 2056 2020-07-13 19:31:25
Alexander Beckett 1036 2020-07-09 22:45:33
Luke Duncan 1759 2020-07-04 11:44:06

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