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As part of the Manticore Squadron, the Manticore is currently en-route to deliver a member of TF staff to the Deneb Sector

USS Manticore (Archive)

Task Force 17

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Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Limited swearing, violence and sexual content may be present. It is intended for audiences aged 17 and up.RPG Rating 2 2 2

Interceptor Exploratory Cruiser Division

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11 October 2023

11 - Did you pick up the kids?

USS Manticore: A new ship, a new crew...

Dal sighed as the door swished shut behind the two captains, and leaned back in her chair. Change was a constant, and could be difficult, especially after the recent events with Frontier Day, but… yeah, she wasn’t sure if those two worried her, or made her want to smile more.  A chirp from [...]

9 October 2023

10 - New broom sweeps clean?

USS Manticore: A new ship, a new crew...

Things changed in a heartbeat in battle, so Mason was used to formulating a plan on the hop. But even so, he was working on a wing and a prayer as he walked into Captain Jayce’s office.  “Please, gentlemen, take a seat,” the captain smiled up from her padd as they walked into the room, [...]

8 October 2023

9 - Orders, part two

USS Manticore: A new ship, a new crew...

For the second time in two weeks, the captains of the Manticore and the Resolute found themselves on a starbase. This time it was Starbase 93 and both of them felt a little pulled from pillar to post after finishing up their previous patrol and heading straight to SB93.  “I hate [...]

4 October 2023

8 – Sprinkles absolutely required

USS Manticore: A new ship, a new crew...

One of Raan’s daily rituals was a walk about the ship. It hadn’t taken long on the Resolute, but the Manticore was twice the size. At least she wasn’t the size of an Odyssey. He had no idea what he’d do with a ship that size. They were practically cities in space.  Today’s walkabout [...]