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Jaxon Reid

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Reid


Executive Officer
USS Resolute


Jaxon Reid



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Jaxon is not a traditional tactician in the strictest sense of the word, but he gets the job done. Sometimes brutally. His diplomatic skills are absolute zero, which has stopped him making that last step up to the captain’s chair.

A down and out fight, both shipboard and hand to hand, is where Jaxon excels. Given his background, he is comfortable undercover in the criminal underworld and has an excellent ability to gain information without anyone suspecting that he could possibly be Starfleet.


Early Life

Jaxon’s background is a convoluted one. Brought up by a gun-runner / bounty-hunter father, it is safe to say Jaxon was indoctrinated from birth. Highly dangerous, he knows federation law inside out (as well as how to break it and get away with it).

His father was murdered in a gun fight with another gunrunner when Jaxon was fifteen, and Jaxon was arrested alongside his twin in the aftermath. Jaxon swore revenge on his father’s murderer, but unlike his twin, who escaped and disappeared back into their former life, Jaxon took the offer of rehabilitation and then later Starfleet service when it was offered. His thinking was that Starfleet has far greater reach than he would have on his own and he could find his father’s murderer. Neither twin has yet achieved that aim.

Starfleet Service

Given his skillset, Jaxon initially went down the security route and then into command.