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23 December 2023

Act 3: Decisions and Ships

USS Encinitas: Whispers of the Shadows

”What can I do for you Commander?“ The Commodore had a stoic expression on his face. ”I’m quite a busy man, you know?“ ”My deepest apologies, Commodore, but I had some concerns that I wanted to talk about.“ “Hmm?” The Commodore was also curious when he heard this [...]

22 December 2023

Act 2: Contact the Commodore

USS Encinitas: Whispers of the Shadows

“Commander Fowler, follow me right away. Commander Marsh, you have the bridge.” “Aye sir! ” was all that was heard as Liam and Nydia exited the bridge, their faces still white as snow. Going to this desk, he opened his computer, and it flashed the classified “authorization code [...]

19 November 2023

Act 1: The Unexpected Call

USS Encinitas: Whispers of the Shadows

previously on the Encinitas… “Status report!” barked Liam. “Captain, the boarding party has been beamed aboard, and one has been beamed directly to sickbay,” reported the Transporter Chief. “Unfortunate…” said Liam, having expected no injuries. “Doctor, what’s the status of the [...]