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Profile Overview


Vulcan-Human Hybrid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander T'Soni


Executive Officer
USS Paramount



4th of May, 2355 (Age: 46)

San Francisco, North America, Earth


Lieutenant Commander T’Soni was a Vulcan-Human Hybrid female Starfleet officer, who served throughout much of the 24th and 25th centuries. T’Soni is currently the executive officer of the USS Paramount.


Early History | (2372 – 2376)

T’Soni was born on the 4th of May, 2372 in the Raal province of Vulcan. Both of her parents were stationed on Vulcan. At that point, both of his parents had established careers in the fleet, his mother working for Starfleet Science as a commander and his father working for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a lieutenant commander. Her mother shortly after being promoted to captain would leave Starfleet and become the Vulcan Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets, when they would move to Earth when Tsoni was 12. His father would be promoted to Commodore and would assume a senior position in Starfleet Intelligence. After reaching the age of fifteen she would resolve to join Starfleet as her parents and older siblings did.

Starfleet Career | (2376 – Present)

Starfleet Academy | (2376 – 2380)

T’Soni was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2376. As an Academy cadet, she quickly discovered that being the daughter of an ambassador is not as cool as it sounds. Although she wanted to go into tactical and security studies she would find that the scientific and medical fields were more her speed. Her intelligence and intellect in astrophysics and xenobiology were quite impressive. While at the academy, she would enjoy the biological studies lecturers led by one of her professors, Alejandro Cortez. His stories from commanding many ships and discovering new organisms and plants inspired her to carry on pursuing this line of learning.

Despite many thoughts to the contrary she picked boxing and hand phaser marksmanship as her chosen combat training options and managed to gain excellent proficiency in both. In many ways, T’Soni was a diplomat and not a fighter. Despite this, he did recognize the need for Starfleet as the Federation’s primary line of defense.

Her passion for getting to know others remained constant. In her third year, Cortez suggested that T’Soni needed to expand her circle. Cortez would leave the Academy in the early days of her fourth year. His suggestion worked, and she would befriend three fellow cadets after which she would enter a relationship with another, Kyle Reilly, for the first time, she contrary to most vulcans impressed her emotions when Kyle and her were alone.

When they graduated in 2380, she and Kyle mutually agreed to end their relationship. It was short and sweet but enjoyable. T’Soni achieved top marks in her chosen major fields, Astrophysics and Xenobiology by the time she graduated as an Ensign, she was third in her class.

USS Hawk | (2380 – 2383)

In 2380, T’Soni would graduate third in her class and her first assignment would be as a general science officer on the USS Hawk, an Excelsior-class Heavy Cruiser. Where she would remain until 2383 when she was transferred to the USS Vergence, a Galaxy-class explorer.

USS Vergance | (2383 – 2390)

Following her service aboard the Hawk, she would be reassigned to the USS Vergence, a Galaxy-class Explorer. For the first three years, she would serve as an astrophysicist. She would work hard and began dating a Regelian man named Bikov Dixon (a security). The two became serious and she planned on proposing to him, but devastation would hit when he died during an away mission while helping to evacuate a colony under the besiege of a pirate attack. Kyle’s loss affected her badly, and T’Soni would isolate herself from others. However, with some help from the ship’s counselor Dr. Emily Davis, she would eventually open back up and become a staff astrophysicist, promoted to lieutenant junior grade in 2386. While serving aboard the Vergence she would meet Kyle Adler and they would become close friends. She would transfer to Starbase 141.

Starbase 141 | (2390 – 2394)

After her service aboard the Vergence, T’Soni would be reassigned to Starbase 141 where she would serve as head of astrophysics. She would meet Lieutenant Robert Lawson (a medic) and they would begin dating. The two became serious when T’Soni planned on returning to Earth but her shuttle would be hit by a plasma storm, seriously injuring her. Preston would be by her side the entire duration of her recovery. Shortly after this incident in 2392 she was offered the position of deputy director of stellar sciences and subsequently promoted to lieutenant. She would meet Lieutenant Commander Nitus during her ship’s shore leave at 141. They would become close friends during this encounter and would keep in touch afterward. In 2394, her old professor Alejandro Cortez re-entered service and asked her to become his chief science officer. She would accept the offer and would transfer to USS Nile, an Intrepid-class.

USS Nile | (2394 – 2401)

After accepting Captain Cortez’s offer and assuming the position of chief science officer aboard the Nile. T’Soni would face trouble from her superior Commander Edward Frank, the executive officer, who was opposed to her assignment as chief of science. He saw her as a young naive girl who was too young and inexperienced to be in such a prestigious position. He tried multiple times to have her removed and none proved fruitful. In 2396, during an away mission to a planet along the Federation border with the Gorn, the away team was attacked by a Gorn raiding party. The rest of the away team would either be captured or killed doing the attack, but T’Soni and Edward would make it out although Edward would be hit in the arm. The two would stay in the front of the planet while waiting for the I to come to get them both. The two would eventually talk and they would reconcile their differences. After spending three days trying to survive while constantly being hunted by the Gorn the Nile would return and rescue them both. For the next ten years, T’Soni would serve as the chief science officer, until 2401 when her old friend Nitus would come to the ship. Nitus would ask T’Soni to leave the Nile and join her as her science officer and executive officer of her first ship in command. T’Soni would accept the offer and she would transfer off of the Nile. Captain Cortez and Commander Jones would both be upset and happy with T’Soni. They would be upset because they are losing a talented science officer but also a dear friend.

USS Kision | (2401)

After saying goodbye to the crew with whom she served with for a little over seven years. T’Soni would join the crew of the recommissioned USS Kision, a Raven-class ship. Shortly after launching the Kision would be thrusted into action, joining the fourth fleet in contracting the Lost Fleet. A fleet of dominion ships that were trapped in the Bajorian wormhole for nearly thirty years. A few weeks later the ship would be in the Typohon Frontier and would not be affected by the Jupiter Signal that affected so many in not only Starfleet by the entire Federation. Shortly after this incident, Nitus would inform her of the crew transferring to a new ship. 

USS Paramount | (2401 – Present)

A few days after the tragedy that was Frontier Day 2401. Nitus would inform T’Soni of their new assignment on the USS Paramount, a California-class ship that was in the process of being refitted.


Physical Description

Lean, beautiful, and highly intelligent Lieutenant Commander T’Soni comes in at 5′4″ (156 cm). She has a lean build only weighing 107 lbs (35 kg). T’Soni has dark brown hair that she lets grow to its full length. She has light gray colored eyes.

While on duty, T’Soni is found wearing the standard Starfleet uniform, while off duty, she is usually dressed in casual or relaxed clothing, a sweatshirt, and a skirt.

Physical Appearance

  • Species: 50% Vulcan; 50% Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′4″ (156 cm)
  • Weight: 107 lbs (35 kg)
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown 
  • Eye Color: Light Gray
  • Portrayed By: Liv Tyler


Strength & Weaknesses

T’Soni is usually described as an insufferable know-it-all, the kind of girl who behaves as if they knows everything. She is dedicated to her work, and contrary to popular belief her accomplishments have not made her egocentric or prideful, instead, he tends to use her knowledge to empower and encourage those around her. She values her friendships and will do anything for her fellow scientists and those under her command.


Like most scientists in Starfleet Lieutenant Commander T’Soni wants to be Head of Starfleet Science Academy. She enjoys helping and teaching those in need. Since leaving the Academy she has wanted to become the Starfleet Science Academy. Her long-term goal is to become the Chief of Starfleet Science.

Biographical Data


  • Federation Standard
  • Vulcan
  • Romulan
  • Klingon

Service Branches

United Federation of Planets | Starfleet

Years of Service

Starfleet: 2380 – Present

Notable Positions

USS Vergence | Staff Astrophysicist: 2386 – 2390

Starbase 141 | Head of Astrophysics: 2390 – 2392

Starbase 141 | Deputy Head of Stellar Sciences: 2392 – 2394

USS Nile | Chief Science Officer: 2394 – 2401

USS Kison | Science Officer: 2401

USS Kison | Executive Officer: 2401

USS Paramount | Executive Officer: 2401 – Present


  • Borg Invasion
    • Battle of Vulcan
  • Dominion War
    • Battle of Torros III
    • Battle of Betazed
    • First Battle of Chin’toka
    • Invasion of Septimus III
    • Battle of Cardassia



Kyle Reilly

Kyle Reilly is a Human male and a Starfleet cadet at the same time as T’Soni. They dated for two years before ending their relationship right after graduation.

Bikov Dixon

Ensign Bikov Dixon was a Regelian male and Starfleet security officer. He and T’Soni dated for nearly three years before his death in 2386. T’Soni was devastated by the news and would isolate herself from others for months, before eventually opening back up.

Robert Lawson

Lieutenant Robert Lawson is a Human male and a Starfleet Medical officer. Robert and T’Soni are the closest of T’Soni’s relationships; they have constant communication despite being in completely different quadrants. T’Soni has slowly distanced herself from Robert putting a strange strain on their relationship overall.



Ambassador T’Suth is a Vulcan female and the Vulcan Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets. She is T’Soni’s biological mother. T’Suth was previously a Starfleet Vice Admiral. She is currently on medical leave after giving birth to the newest addition to her family T’Sung a female half-human, half-vulcan child. She is married to Admiral Adam Christren with whom she has five kids.

Adam Christren

Admiral Adam Christren is a Human male Starfleet flag officer. He is T’Soni’s biological father. Adam is currently in a senior position in Starfleet Intelligence. He is married to Ambassador T’Suth with whom he has five kids.

Iris Christren

Captain Iris Christren is a Human-Vulcan Hybrid female Starfleet officer, and T’Soni’s older sister. Iris is currently the commanding officer of the USS Tempest.

David Christren

Ensign David Christren is a Human-Vulcan Hybrid male Starfleet officer, T’Soni’s younger brother. David is currently serving on the USS Claudia.


T’Sung is a Human-Vulcan Hybrid female, who is T’Soni’s younger sister. T’Sung is the newest addition to the Christren family.


Alejandro Cortez

Captain Alejandro Cortez is a Human male Starfleet line officer. He is T’Soni’s mentor and closest friend. Alejandro was T’Soni’s astrophysics professor before he rejoined active service and became her commanding officer in 2394. Alejandro and T’Soni share a deep respect and care for each other. They both value the other’s insight and respect the other’s opinion and every matter of their life. Alejandro is married to Commander Sofia Cortez, a professor at Starfleet Academy’s main campus on Earth. They still keep in touch even though it is lees then the both of them hoped for.

Andrew Thompson
Zahir Davidson
Addison Hill
Kyle Adler

Commander Nitus is a Romulan-Human Hybrid female Starfleet officer, who is good friends with T’Soni. Nitus is T’Soni’s commanding officer.

Edward Douglas

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2377 Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Freshman Grade
2377 - 2378 Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Sophomore Grade
2378 - 2379 Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Junior Grade
2379 - 2380 Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Senior Grade
2380 - 2383 Science Officer USS Hawk
2383 - 2386 Astrophysicist USS Hawk
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2386 - 2390 Staff Astrophysicist USS Vergence
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2390 - 2392 Head of Astrophysicist USS Vergence
2392 - 2394 Deputy Head of Stellar Sciences Starbase 141
2394 - 2401 Chief Science Officer USS Nile
2401 Science Officer USS Kison
Lieutenant Commander
2401 Executive Officer USS Kison
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Paramount
Lieutenant Commander