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USS Daedalus (NCC-72703)

Πετάξτε ψηλότερα - 'Soar Higher'


Rhode Island-class • NCC-72703 • Task Force 72

One of the first production runs of the Rhode Island class, Daedalus was one of the late Nova space frames converted for use in the new Rhode Island class. For nearly 2 decades Daedalus has been the quick stitch for the Federation, acting as a first responder to crises and incidents, collecting information and preparing the way for the might of Starfleet. When the situation demands Daedalus is quite capable of acting indrpendantly, defending herself and others from danger.

The new home of Theta Squad, Daedalus is stationed out of Starbase 72, tasked with the rapid-response to scientific and engineering emergencies. The Cardassian border is full of unexplored dangers and the crew is there to stop them in their tracks.

Crew Manifest

  • Tanek

    Commanding Officer

  • Dil Khos

    Executive Officer

  • Rana Sisrex

    Chief Science Officer

  • Sima

    Chief Engineer

  • Oyvo

    Operations Officer

  • Bahir

    Tactical Officer / Head of Security

  • Malax

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Bib

    Theta Squad Commander

  • Zaya

    Theta Squad XO

  • David Mitchell

    Theta Squad - Science Specialist

  • Log

    Theta Squad - Quartermaster

  • Hermira

    Theta Squad - Computing Specialist

  • Ole

    Theta Squad - Engineering Specialist

  • Maine

    Theta Squad - Advisor

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5 December 2023

Small Mercies (pt. 17)

USS Daedalus: Zero Survivors

A snowfall of pinprick stars flurried past the wide windows of the briefing room, beyond them the viridian backdrop of a distant nebula hung suspended oil-like in the inky water of deep space. On the large wall screen Captain Varen looked out from his office aboard Starbase 72, his black rimmed [...]

2 December 2023

Unchosen Pathways (pt. 16)

USS Daedalus: Zero Survivors

Long flashes of yellow and blue raced beneath the crystal surface of the long pond that snaked through the glass walled office. Beyond the expansive windows the thundering rain continued to fall across misty hillsides that fell away into the crooked valley, its thrumming impacts on the glass [...]

1 December 2023

Faithless Lies (Pt. 15)

USS Daedalus: Zero Survivors

The landing bay aboard the Borg Sphere was little more than a large metallic platform, stretching out from the creaking bones of the vessel, its jagged edge open to the vast central core. A sea of darkness swallowed what little light dared to creep over the sharp boundary of the make-shift pad into [...]

26 November 2023

Expensive House Calls (pt. 14)

USS Daedalus: Zero Survivors

Despite his huge bulk Aramook moved with the dextrous hands of a surgeon, his meaty hands dancing nimbly across the prone body of Ole as he muttered words to himself in an unfamiliar language. Eventually his whispering stopped as he examined the growing metallic substance on the crewman’s chest, [...]