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The USS Opharus is a Raven Class Corvette now under the command of Lt. Lance Fox. She may not be the newest ship in the fleet, or the most advanced, but the crew is ready to get down to business. Follow along as this brand new crew forges their path to the stars. Greatness has to start somewhere.

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15 June 2023

And There Were Two

USS Opharus: First Steps

Although the Opharus lacked an actual ready room, Lance did have small but functional quarters on the ship. He had just finished hanging up a picture of himself and his grandmother when the door chime sounded. He looked at the display and noted the rather late hour.  “Come in.” In came an [...]

4 June 2023

The Last Two

USS Opharus: First Steps

Theo couldn’t help the startled yelp that escaped his mouth as the shuttle dove wildly down toward the superstructure of Starbase Bravo. They had dropped from warp only a few moments earlier and as soon as they were back at sublight speeds, the pilot, who he just found out was going to be [...]

1 June 2023


USS Opharus: First Steps

Alexander Wright stepped out of the turbolift and did his best to wipe the scowl off his face.  His journey to Starbase Bravo had been relatively hassle-free, aside from a minor incident with the transport’s engines after leaving Earth Spacedock.  Once he arrived at the station, he [...]

30 May 2023

Looking Forward

USS Opharus: First Steps

Lance Fox took a deep breath before touching the icon on his display. It took a second or two but eventually an uplink was established with Earth and he was looking at the face of his grandmother. Her face was slightly smudged with dirt, as was her shirt. She had to have been out in the garden, not [...]