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Profile Overview

Theo Reyes

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Reyes


Chief Engineer
USS Opharus Archive


Theodore Mateo Reyes

September 9th, 2376

Altari Colony


Theo is working his way through Starfleet, trying to move on after the death of his wife and  unborn son. He’s loyal and steadfast, constantly working to improve himself as a person and as a Starfleet officer.


Athletic build, usually sports a five o’clock shadow. He has a few tattoos here and there.


Theo is loyal and honest. He believes in doing the right thing, no matter the cost. His attempts to better himself can be border on OCD and his failure to make and maintain real connections with others after the death of his wife is an ongoing issue.


Theo is a born fighter and has struggled through much in his life. He was born on a colony world near the Neutral Zone. His father was a member of the colony’s police force and his mother a nurse at the hospital. They often worked long hours, leaving Theo at home to fend for himself from a young age. Although life on the colony wasn’t easy, it wasn’t as harsh as other frontier settlements. 

The colonist took turns in helping watch the young Theo. As Theo grew up this exposed him to many different things; engineering, botany, cooking, and generally all faucets of growing up in a colony. When he reached high school, Theo played football and took mixed martial arts lessons. He was a decent student, although not as academically gifted as his older brother. 

What he lacked in academics, though, he made up for in practical matters. He loved taking things apart and seeing how they worked. He often would help the colony engineers with various repairs and projects and as such gained a great deal of working knowledge of everything from environmental controls to binary loaders.

While in high school, Theo began to clash with his parents, often arguing over what he was supposed to do with his life. His father wanted him to go into law enforcement, while his mother thought that he should pursue a college education. Neither one of those held that much appeal for Theo. When he graduated high school, Theo joined the Starfleet, much to the disappointment of both his parents.

Despite his love of taking things apart, Theo found his stride in the engineering and operations courses at at the academy. While at the academy, Theo met and fell in love with another student, Shannon Gray. The two started dating their junior year. Theo continued his martial arts studies in his free time, helped along by the fact that Shannon was just as into it as he was. By the time that senior year rolled around, they were engaged to be married. Theo’s parents didn’t attend the wedding, citing that they were much to busy with work. After graduating from the academy, they were married in San Francisco. Shortly afterwards, Shannon announced that she was pregnant. 

Theo’s first assignment was aboard Earth Space Dock. Shannon’s first assignment was a Nebula class ship that was only supposed to be one on a short training cruise. They bid their firewalls and went about their missions. Three weeks later, Theo received the devastating news that the ship that was carrying his wife and his unborn son was destroyed by Breen Raiders.

Theo slumped into a deep depression. With Shannon gone, he lost everyone that he had loved and held dear. Eventually, with the help of the staff on Earth Space Dock, he was able to move past the incident but still being on Earth Space Dock, in the quarters they shared did little to help his healing process. He wanted to get as far away from Earth as possible and was transferred to the USS Opharus instead.