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USS Higgs (Archive)

Fourth Fleet

“It’s about understanding! Understanding the world!”
Peter Higgs

Named for Peter Higgs, the 20th Century theoretical physicist, the U.S.S. Higgs and her crew continue his work to expand our knowledge and improve our understanding of the universe around us.

Challenger Heavy Explorer Squadron

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16 June 2023

Hide and Seek - 8

USS Higgs: Hide and Seek

Acting Captain’s Log, Supplemental. With the help of engineers from the Challenger, Lieutenant Armstrong made sufficient repairs to allow the Higgs to get underway. The rest of our journey to Galadkail Manor was uneventful. While the Higgs assists in completing the upgrades to the planet’s [...]

4 June 2023

Hide and Seek - 6

USS Higgs: Hide and Seek

The atmosphere on the bridge was tense as the Higgs limped out of the Daylos star’s corona. Waiting for them was the last remaining Jem’Hadar fighter preparing to strike and finish the job it started with its fallen comrades. The crew of the Higgs wasn’t about to go down without a fight. They [...]

1 June 2023

Hide and Seek - 5

USS Higgs: Hide and Seek

Alex followed the Captain onto the bridge where they found the Chief Science Officer sitting at his console with Doctor T’Nira standing beside him. The pair of them were studying readings from what looked like the internal sensors. As the Captain and her XO approached the science station, [...]

26 May 2023

Hide and Seek - 4

USS Higgs: Hide and Seek

Calvin Armstrong’s fingers moved deftly across the surface of the console in front of him as he prepared to bring the warp drive back online. Three hours ago the Higgs took shelter in an asteroid field to escape from three Jem’Hadar warships. In that brief encounter, the Nova-class starship [...]