SS Warden (NR-48-MC)

Need freight hauled, passengers picked up, deeds done without many questions? We're your ship!


Groumall-class • NR-48-MC

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What this is:

This thread will be more or less for my musings, I’ve had the urge to write lately and 86 has for the most part always been my home. The Warden and Walter Jones have been around in some capacity under my watch for about 11 years or so. We were always one of the more unusual ships in the fleet as for a long time as we were the only civilian operation for a long time.  Alas, a full time Simm is just not in the cards at the moment. So, as time goes on, this may be a long term fiction, a retelling of stories as told by a old, rambling, drunk of a captain,  new ones to entertain and delight, and maybe, the jumping off point to something bigger. Stay tuned to this space!

Main Characters:
Walter Jones
Walter Jones is a loveable, kind hearted, good natured, reliable, “Captain”. At least that is what it says on his business card. How much of that is truth, and how much of that is fiction is really anyone’s guess. His crew and his ship “generally” come first, all other things are negotiable.
Recurring Characters:
Kroth son of Krolin – Former Captain of the Iw HIq yev
Keralm – Andorian hired help
Andu Walker –  Shady associate/buyer
Commander Candace Stalano – Head of a Starfleet Listening Post

Little more complicated.

The SS Warden was/is a Groumall class freighter, dedicated to long haul shipping and bulk goods delivery. Though it was used for all manner of shady dealings, behind the lines missions, and deliveries. The Warden was even the lead element of a Task Force wide assault. It has been all over the Alpha, Beta, And Gamma Quadrants with its ragtag band of misfits.

Where the Warden is currently, Walter either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to say.

The current “SS Warden” is a shuttle of dubious ownership and questionable spaceworthyness.


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ID: 1659

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5 January 2024

Oooh that smell

SS Warden: A Giant Pile

The smell was sickeningly sweet, giving off the order of orange juice that had been left out for weeks. In front of Walt was a five-meter-wide pile of Kvatch dung, and the flies that went with it. “Do not swat the flies, they are considered royal retainers, for every one that dies an unnatural [...]

27 December 2023

Shaking the rust off

SS Warden: A Giant Pile

“How is it that drinks don’t fill themselves?” “Because we have burned up any tab that we may have had long ago.” “Well why is that?” “Because we don’t pay, get run out, and then they say don’t come back unless you bring latinum. We bring latinum, enough to pay up the debts and [...]

30 November 2021

Do not adjust your dial

SS Warden: Side Gig - Radio Free Triangle

“Alright everyone, get that thing powered up, have you worked on the scripts at all?” “Well, not really, I know how much you love to do it live…” “I… just… just can’t with all of you..” Andu shook his head as one of his “production [...]

4 August 2021

You call me, You need Me

SS Warden: Set 4 - Session 1 - Country Roads, take me home

“You need me, you call me!” an Orion loudly sang in the corner of the cell. Walt, feet propped on Keralm who was still knocked out laid on the floor, leaned his head against Krolth. They both tried to ignore the other captive. “I could have gutted three of them before they took us.” The old [...]