USS Nova (NCC-72230)


The namesake of her class, the USS Nova is a small exploration and science vessel built for planetary surveying and short-range missions. Lead by it’s sagely commander, the joined Trill Yanrel Vex, the Nova embarks on numerous missions to planets and systems of interest to the Federation. With it’s advanced science labs, atmospheric maneuverability and landing capability, and state-of-the-art atmospheric Waverider shuttle, the Nova serves as much as a flying research station as it does a Starfleet vessel, and the crew of the Nova are driven to fulfill Starfleet’s mandate of exploration, alien encounters, and scientific discovery.

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USS Nova



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18 September 2021


USS Nova: The Nova

Everything about the work Vex had been committed to over the past month had been wrong. From the invasion of a primitive society to the secrecy surrounding the research of the Tkon beacon he and his compatriots had found upon Koruku III, more and more questions were being raised in the Trill’s [...]

8 September 2021

More Questions, Fewer Answers

USS Nova: Starbase 72 – Echoes of the Tkon – Phase 2

The lagging sensation and accompanying descending noise from the warp nacelles indicated that the Trent had dropped out of warp just beyond Starbase 72. As the runabout made its final approach towards the station, a feeling of nervousness, anger, and frustration surrounded its whole crew, including [...]

22 August 2021

The Device

USS Nova: Starbase 72 – Echoes of the Tkon – Phase 2

Neil set a course for the mountain range reading they had previously picked up.  To be honest he was glad, soon they could put this planet behind them and move on.   Their mission almost complete, now the Phoenix would take over and deal with the aftermath.  He half expected a Flag Officer to [...]

20 August 2021

Terror of the Skies - Koruku III

USS Nova: Starbase 72 - Echoes of the Tkon - Phase 1

The flashing of phaser fire and micro-torpedos was as a wave of flame and ruin upon the people of the village. Frantic Korukens ran in fear and terror as what appeared to be a great, shining beast flew overhead, coming back every few moments for another run at their settlement. Wood and debris flew [...]