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USS Nova: The Nova

Yanrel Vex is granted his first commission as captain of the USS Nova.

Mission Description

Secrets surround the work of Yanrel Vex following his time with the Tkon Beacon. For his obedience to orders and shown skill in commanding missions, Yanrel is granted his first commission as Captain of the USS Nova. This mission chronicles the launch of the vessel, and Yanrel’s first meeting with his crew.

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2 November 2021

The Ship Embarks

USS Nova: The Nova

The meeting on the green had been an enjoyable experience for all. Though the senior staff had begun the afternoon by keeping themselves separate from the rest of the crew, they eventually left the gazebo and started mingling with the rest of the junior officers. Drinks were drunk, stories were [...]

28 October 2021

A Meeting on the Green

USS Nova: The Nova

Word had spread rather quickly among the junior officers of Yanrel’s assignment to the Nova, and already many of the station’s personnel were checking their PADDs and posting bulletins to see if they had received a position onboard. The ship herself may have been small, but she carried with her [...]

18 September 2021


USS Nova: The Nova

Everything about the work Vex had been committed to over the past month had been wrong. From the invasion of a primitive society to the secrecy surrounding the research of the Tkon beacon he and his compatriots had found upon Koruku III, more and more questions were being raised in the Trill’s [...]