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USS Elysion (NCC-97609)

USS Elysion

Pathfinder-class • NCC-97609 • Task Force 17

The USS Elysion is assigned to the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant. Under the command of Captain Jonathan Ransom, Elysion’s mission is to travel 45,000 light-years through the Barzan wormhole, exploring the Gradin Belt and establishing strong diplomatic relations with the native species of the Delta Quadrant whilst keeping a watchful eye on the known major threats to Federation security… This is her story.

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1 June 2022

Legacy Mine - Part 1

USS Elysion: Legacy Mine

Barash leaned back in the uncomfortable high-backed wooden chair and belched loudly. The food had been mediocre at best, but he had to admit that the wine had been excellent. He held his glass goblet aloft to signal that he required more. A silent uhlan, standing just out of view in the shadows of [...]

26 August 2021

Chapter One - Friends & Acquaintances

USS Elysion: The Cartographer's Key

Dante’s Roadhouse – Main Bar | Level H | Mithrar Anchorage 21:46 Zulu “It needs to be reported and investigated,” Ensign Brace Haltor said firmly before taking a swig of Turei ale. “The captain’s behaviour was out of character – to say the least.” “The very least,” agreed Ensign [...]

14 August 2021

Chapter Four - The Hammer Falls

USS Elysion: Chain of Command

Main Bridge | Deck One | USS Elysion 10:13 Zulu – 21 minutes until evacuation deadline Lieutenant Commander Talak, chief science officer of the USS Elysion pursed his lips as his eyes quickly scanned the lines of data which scrolled across his console once more. He tapped his [...]

13 August 2021

Chapter Three - Enforced Evacuation

USS Elysion: Chain of Command

Main Bridge | Deck One | USS Elysion 07:07 Zulu All eyes turned in silent expectation as Ransom stepped out of the turbolift. He had spent a fitful night in his quarters – he estimated that he’d managed to get somewhere between three and four hours of sleep – and had then showered, [...]