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Profile Overview

Preston Roberts

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Roberts


Starbase Bravo




Preston Alexander Roberts


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Earth


Preston, the youngest of the four Roberts siblings, enjoyed a carefree upbringing. Being the family’s baby meant having many protectors always around. Captivated by biology and medicine from an early age, it was evident that Preston’s course would lead him straight to Starfleet and a promising career.


  • Height: 6 ft 4 in
  • Weight: 174 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Relationship Status: Single




Preston believes there are five ways to complete a project: the right way, the wrong way, the Captain’s way, Starfleet’s way, and ultimately, what you need to do to get the job done. Preston isn’t afraid to think outside the box or even take the box apart to solve a problem. Calm under pressure, Preston has always been level-headed and can approach a situation with an even hand.

As a trained nurse, Preston possesses an impeccable bedside manner that is only matched by a compassionate, empathic mindset. He believes each patient is an extension of his family and treats them as such while they are in his care.

Growing up the youngest of Robert’s family has left an impact on Preston as an adult. He often has to remind himself to stand up for himself. Preston learned early in his Starfleet career that standing in the shadows waiting for someone to act won’t get him far. Naive and easily persuaded, Preston has been told that he needs to learn to balance his life. He tends to take on too much and has learned the hard way that he sometimes needs to say no.


In time, Preston would like to continue his education and earn a Doctorate in Nursing, with a long-term goal of landing a position at Starfleet Medical on Earth.


Being the youngest of the family meant that Preston spent a lot of time following his mother around the house. His fondest memories are learning to cook at his mother’s feet while she prepped the family’s evening meal. Often the brunt of his siblings’ jokes, Preston persevered and has developed quite a knack for the culinary arts.

Outside of the kitchen, Preston also enjoys hiking and jogging in the woods. He relishes in the peace that nature brings. It is here that he acquired a knack for pencil drawings. While not the greatest artist, this hasn’t discouraged him from sketching and doodling the world around him.


Preston speaks Federation Standard, Klingon, and some Romulan.


Early Childhood

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there were three things that every native knew. First, Mount Washington provides the best skyline view; everyone bleeds black and gold, and everything you ate had fries with it. Preston’s childhood was filled with trips to one of the many museums, zoos, aviaries, and parks that sprinkled the city. From an early age, Preston was taught that culture and one’s family were the most important things one could carry with them.

Growing up as the youngest, Preston learned early on that he didn’t have a care in the world. Surrounded by over-protective siblings and a mother who waited on him hand and foot, Preston had no cares in the world. Preston earned the nickname ‘Pretzel’ as a small child due to his odd obsession with the snack food. Thanks to his siblings, it is a nickname that has followed him into his adult life.

Demonstrating an early aptitude for biology, Preston was one of the rare children admitted into the Waldorf School, an early intervention prep school for gifted children. Preston’s life seemed on a straight path to Starfleet Medical and the stars beyond. Excelling in areas of math and science, Preston’s only drawbacks involved socialization. It wasn’t that he was awkward or didn’t fit in. It was that Preston found solace in learning and reading. He knew that to succeed, he needed to be the best. Perhaps it was a side effect of growing up in a house with several children, but competition seemed to be a part of his makeup as he grew older.

As high school ended, Preston took the entrance exams for Starfleet Academy. While his siblings had a more challenging time explaining their futures to his parents by the time Preston came of age, his mother and father were used to this. They even supported him in his efforts.

Starfleet Academy

The transition from his childhood in Pittsburgh to graduating from the academy was marked by a deep shift in his desire and sense of purpose. Upon entering the academy, Preston faced a key realization: his true calling was not in the confines of a medical office but in the hands-on role of a nurse. This revelation made him switch majors, defying family expectations to pursue his newfound passion.

Embracing the challenges of his new path, Preston flourished in his role as a nursing student, finding satisfaction in the trenches of medical care where he could make a substantial difference. Preston’s determination pushed him forward despite initial doubts and disapproval from his family. Each day expanded his belief that true healing power lay not in an administrative role but in the care provided by skilled nurses.

Starbase Bravo

After graduating and earning his commission as an Ensign, Preston’s first official assignment was in the heart of the Federation’s 4th Fleet, Starbase Bravo.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2401 Applied Sciences Student: Nursing Starfleet Academy
2401 - Present Registered Nurse Unassigned