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Profile Overview

Edward O'Gallagher

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain O'Gallagher


Commander, Task Force 72
Bravo Fleet Command




Edward O'Gallagher

March 7, 2361

Tokyo, Japan


Captain Edward O’Gallagher is currently serving as the Task Force Commanding Officer for Starbase 72. He is a brilliant commander and scientist in his own right, having graduated from Starfleet Academy at the top of his class. His career in Starfleet Research and Development should also be heavily considered; upon graduating from the academy, he was immediately recruited by Starfleet R&D, and he of course accepted the offer.


Standing at approximately 6’2, his presence and rather hardened eyes command attention when he steps into the bridge. His lean and mesomorphic body build is a defining characteristic of his appearance; he isn’t too bulky or too skinny. Outside of his command uniform, you would usually see him wear a turtleneck with a jacket on top.


As a capable scientist and commanding officer, Edward O’Gallagher’s fast track to being promoted would correspond to his “no nonsense” attitude. He is mostly straightforward and practical in doing his assigned tasks, and he has a higher completion rate than most officers and enlisted personnel. He is also a studious type of person, studying anything just to increase his knowledge; some might even call him a bookworm. Outside of work, it’s almost the complete opposite, as you’ll see O’Gallagher relaxed or just reading a book; his bookworm tendencies never change, but his “no nonsense” attitude is almost nowhere to be found. You might even have some drinks with him at the bar!


Personnel File

Name: Edward O’Gallagher

Rank: Captain

Date of Birth: March 7, 2361 (40 Y.O)

Assignment: Executive Officer, TF72

Born: Tokyo, Japan

Courses Taken: Astrophysics Major and Command School

Skills: Linguistics, Encryption, Research, Physics, Command

Interests: History, Mathematics, Physics, Linguistics

Earth Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Dutch, German, Greek, Latin

Alien Languages Spoken: Klingonese, Vulcanese, Cardassian

Starfleet Assignments: Starbase 72, Starfleet Research and Development, USS Solstice – NCC-72380, USS Archimedes – NCC-83002, USS Manchester – NCC-80244, USS Cochrane – NCC-86516, USS Sentinel – NCC-74673

Early Life (2361-2379)

He was born to two scientists who were stationed in Tokyo, Japan, at the time. However, growing up, he often moved around, moving and going to places. You could even say he grew up at Starfleet Academy, as his parents were professors at the academy. As a kid, since he moved around a lot, he didn’t have many friends, so he would find solace in books, and that’s where he got his passion for learning and exploring. In his entire educational journey in the first 18 years, he has topped every single one of his classes, and some teachers and professors even called him a prodigy. He also played the violin as a hobby and took on some martial arts classes, for which he has now obtained a black belt.

Starfleet Academy (2379-2383)

Having been accepted to the academy on his very first try, Edward was, of course, overjoyed, as were his parents. He had dreamed of this moment since he was a little child; he then took on the course of Astrophysics as a major. He excelled in all his classes, and having taken Fractal Calculus and Temporal Mechanics as a course subject, he was actually challenged for the first time but managed to pass at the top of his class.

During his tenure as a freshman at Starfleet Academy, he was often called a loner as he was mostly focused on his studies. During his sophomore year, however, he found himself with a very good friend and confidant, Natalie Reid. They met in their classes, having taken the same course as him. Edward fondly took her as his friend, and they had a great bond together. During his junior year at the academy, he won a pageant show, which made him a “target” for girls, which also increased his social circle into a group of trustable friends. During his last year at the academy, he was saddened by the realization that he would have to leave his friends as they would be assigned to different ships or stations. Upon graduation, he was personally recruited by Starfleet Research and Development.

Starfleet Research and Development (2383-2389)

His first assignment after being promoted to the rank of ensign is to work with Starfleet research and development. He served as a research fellow on several Borg artifacts. During his tenure, he was a respected member of the department, with people recognising most of his work. While working with the department, he was meticulous and studious in working on his assigned projects. After two years, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by his immediate superiors as a sign of doing a good job.

After three years, he was also awarded several medals and honors for his extraordinary contributions to the department. He was then promoted to full lieutenant. He was also promoted to lead researcher of a small group of researchers, which he commanded in doing tasks. He also showed the new fellows around how to get things done.

Starship Assignments (2389-2401)

After his work with the R&D department, he was reassigned by his superiors to the USS Solstice as a science officer. He was eventually transferred to several other ships to work as the chief science officer in starships such as the USS Archimedes and the USS Manchester. His work on these starships has also been recognised by his superiors. 

Before his advancement to full commander, he took the bridge officer test, passed, and was eventually granted the commission of being a full commander. With many recommendations from his commanding officers, he went back to Starfleet Academy and took command school. After finishing command school, he was transferred to USS Cochrane as the second officer. 

During his tenure as the second officer, he made many decisions, some good and some bad, and ultimately he learned from them. He was eventually transferred to the USS Sentinel as the executive officer. With his knowledge and experience now in command, he commanded several away teams, and when the captain of the Sentinel was killed in a freak accident, Starfleet Command appointed him to command the ship.

Task Force 72 (2401-Present)

O’Gallagher was one of the people to apply for the position of task force executive officer at Starbase 72, which is currently under the command of Captain Fontana. After some rigorous months of waiting and anticipation, he has finally received the good news that he is being reassigned and given the executive officer position at Starbase 72.

After the reassignment of the previous Commanding Officer, Geronimo Fontana. O’Gallagher was granted the seat of commission to run Task Force 72 at his discretion. With plans and hopes to make the diplomatic task force more transparent and responsive throughout the fleet, he adopted the phrase of, “Peace can’t be solely earned through defense.” He focused on the diplomatic relations between several governments but was ready for what was to come.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2380 Astrophysics Major Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2380 - 2381 Astrophysics Major Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2381 - 2382 Astrophysics Major Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2382 - 2383 Astrophysics Major Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2383 - 2385 Research Fellow Starfleet Research and Development
2385 - 2388 Research Fellow Starfleet Research and Development
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 - 2389 Lead Research Fellow Starfleet Research and Development
2389 - 2390 Science Officer USS Solstice
2390 - 2392 Chief Science Officer USS Archimedes
2392 - 2393 Chief Science Officer USS Manchester
2393 - 2394 Command Cadet Starfleet Academy
2394 - 2395 Chief Science Officer & Second Officer USS Cochrane
2395 - 2398 Executive Officer USS Sentinel
2398 - 2401 Commanding Officer USS Sentinel
2401 Deputy Commander, Task Force 72 Starbase 72
2401 - Present Commander, Task Force 72 Starbase 72