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Profile Overview

Gul Natel

Cardassian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Natel


USS Lakota


A capable if not astounding officer Natel has seved the Union well for several decades as aprt of the new wave of officers produced by the remodelled Cardassian Military Academy. As part of their reduced military capability following the Dominion war the Union has looked to shore its borders with neutral systems in the hopes that they may provide the much needed resources for the reconstruction effort. Natel was dispatched amongst a wave of Guls intending to present a different face of Cardassia.

In recent years the Union has found a different use for Natel. His work on the fringes of Cardassian space in the years since the war, where the now re-formed detapa council see the future of Cardassia, have gifted him with a breath of experiences that suit their agenda perfectly. Given a rousing speech and sent on his way, Natel has found himself dispatched aboard the Galor class cruiser Tykana to prove that Cardassia is ready to return to the galactic stage, as friends. At least on the surface.


A middling son from a middling family, Natel never expected to be particularly successful or particularly renowned, content to serve his homeworld to the best of his abilities. As a child he always obeyed his father, even when he was inherenylt contradictory and as teen he spent nights studying in the libraries. Then as a young man he joined the Central Command and worked his way up the ranks to the respectable station of Gul, of a small Hideki class ship, but that didn’t matter ‘someone has to crew the little ships’ he would tell himself. His small scout vessel kept him far from Cardassia and the homeworld he lived to serve.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Commanding Officer Tykana