Profile Overview

Eloise Arataki

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Arataki


Phoebe Eloise Arataki

September 11, 2373*

USS Belleau Wood, Bajoran System*


While on routine patrol in 2373, the USS Belleau Wood (Excelsior-class) came across an old, derelict D7 Cruiser with one very faint life sign aboard. After repeated attempts to contact the vessel failed, a tractor beam was engaged to stabilize the old derelict and an away team was beamed aboard. The team discovered the bodies of about 30 men and women, all Bajoran, all dead. The team searched for the life sign, and discovered it was coming from a room that served as sickbay. There was a Bajoran infant that had been severely injured and was actively on her way out. Seeing that, the medic on the team grabbed her and beamed himself with the infant back to sickbay. Once back onboard Belleau Wood, the Doctor and her team began to work quickly to try and save the infant.

In the meantime, the rest of the team gathers what little information they can, including the suspicion that these group of people were attacked by Cardassians, though there is not enough evidence to conclusively say so. They try to gather information, but the banks on the D7 cruiser were so degraded they were not able to obtain any sort of detailed answers. After some discussion with Starfleet Command, Captain Evail made the decision to tow the D7 back to Deep Space Nine and let the station deal with it. Captain Evail also made the decision on her own to not mention that they had found a survivor, or that there was a child onboard, mostly because she didn’t think the infant would survive.

Fate, however, would have different plans.

After many hours and a few close calls, Doctor Siton Zh’shriarer and her team finally manage to save the infant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2390 Midshipman Recruit Starfleet JROTC
Crewman Recruit
2390 - 2391 Midshipman Recruit, Second Class Starfleet JROTC
Crewman Apprentice
2391 - 2392 Midshipman Recruit, First Class Starfleet JROTC
2392 - 2393 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Bajor
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2393 Cadet Science Field Rotation USS Valery Legasov
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2393 - 2394 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Bajor
Cadet Junior Grade
2394 Cadet Science Field Rotation USS Ulana Khomyuk
Cadet Junior Grade
2394 - 2395 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Bajor
Cadet Senior Grade
2395 Bridge Officer Test Examinee Starfleet Academy, Bajor
2395 - 2398 Candidate for MS in Astrophysics/MS in Physics United Earth University, Southern California - Los Angeles
2396 - 2397 Galileo Honors Research Fellow - Astronomy/Astrometrics/Physics Starbase 110
2398 - 2400 Junior Science Officer - Astrophysics Specialty USS Westmorland
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - Present Science Officer - Astrophysics Specialty USS Los Angeles
Lieutenant Junior Grade