USS Los Angeles (NCC-65532)

The Los Angeles' mission: To conduct piracy and criminal interdiction with the full backing of Starfleet and the Federation Security Agency; to protect Starfleet and Federation interests by force if necessary; and ensure that free and open trade is protected.

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29 November 2023

These Aren't the Borg You're Looking For

USS Los Angeles: Shipping Lanes Patrol

The Los Angeles dropped out of warp, loaded for bear. On the bridge, Captain Oteng, brow furrowed in consternation, took in the scene in front of him as he looked out on the viewscreen. The Constellation-class ship was giving as good as her old self could, but it was very clearly losing the fight. [...]

31 October 2023

A Scene of Preparedness

USS Los Angeles: Shipping Lanes Patrol

The Los Angeles was almost bristling with energy as it sped towards the last known of the Partheous, contact having been lost about 20 minutes before. On the bridge, everyone was focused on their tasks. “Siobhan, any updates?” During this period, Fabien had dropped all the normal [...]

29 October 2023

A "Proportional" Response, Part 2

USS Los Angeles: Shipping Lanes Patrol

Continued, from Part 1 Fabien looked at his duffel go-bag, embroidered with the Starfleet Delta and his name, sitting on the bed, sighed,  then looked out the window in his bedroom. Outside, he could see the Echelon-class starship, the Golden Hind, straight abeam of the Los Angeles. His combadge [...]

28 October 2023

A "Proportional" Response, Part 1

USS Los Angeles: Shipping Lanes Patrol

Fabien fitfully turned onto his right side, trying to get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. Sighing, he turned fully over, onto his left side, staying still for a few minutes, then once again breaking the silence in his cabin with an exasperated sigh. “Computer. Lights, 25% [...]