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USS Los Angeles (NCC-65532)

The Los Angeles' mission: To conduct piracy and criminal interdiction with the full backing of Starfleet and the Federation Security Agency; to protect Starfleet and Federation interests by force if necessary; and ensure that free and open trade is protected.

USS Los Angeles

New Orleans-class • NCC-65532 • Task Force 86

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3 July 2024

Command and Repair

USS Los Angeles: A Vision of History

The Los Angeles shudders as the vessel is pulled into the subspace corridor. As it’s pulled in, the distortions batter the ship, causing the crew to be tossed around like rag dolls. The distortions cause serious damage to the energy systems, causing the bridge crew to be showered in sparks. Both [...]

28 June 2024

The Beginning

USS Los Angeles: A Vision of History

“Helm, come to heading 221 mark 1, half-impulse. Let’s move on to Sector Dog.” “Coming to heading, 221 mark 1; at half impulse, aye, Commander.” “Ops, start long range scans, and continue monitoring the transit lanes. Sharp eyes and ears, Miss Pearse.”“Starting long range [...]

2 June 2024

A Mission in the Neutral Zone

USS Los Angeles: First Patrol

Asa fiddled with her collar as she walked down the brightly lit corridor after exiting the turbolift. A few minutes before, Commander Abramov had pulled Asa aside and gave her an order to report to the holodeck, forthwith. She wasn’t sure why she was being asked to report. Asa walked into the [...]

29 November 2023

These Aren't the Borg You're Looking For

USS Los Angeles: Shipping Lanes Patrol

The Los Angeles dropped out of warp, loaded for bear. On the bridge, Captain Oteng, brow furrowed in consternation, took in the scene in front of him as he looked out on the viewscreen. The Constellation-class ship was giving as good as her old self could, but it was very clearly losing the fight. [...]