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Lavender Haigh

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Haigh


Chief Medical Officer
USS Denver


Lavender Haigh


M'talas Prime


Lavender is a serious sort of person, a tad moody but is enthusiastic of action if not of expression and is very dedicated to Starfleet, the place that gave her a home. She loves through the medium of tough love.


  1. Height: 5’4″


Weight: 110lbs


Lavender is quite slight with pale skin and black hair that fades to bright purple at the ends. She has very large grey-green eyes which make her look perhaps slightly startled or cartoonish. She is generally well presented on duty with dark smoky eye makeup and dark lip colour. She speaks with something in-between an English, American and Latin American accent, a result of the prevailing types on her home planet and the origins of her family.

Off-duty Lavender wears all black gothic clothing and strong yet pretty dark and moody makeup with jet black lips. Her piercings are taken out for work other than earrings but outside of the ship or on personal time these all go back in, most prominently two rings around her bottom lip. Lavender is often mistaken for being younger than she is.


Lavender is fundamentally a good person but is quite rough around the edges. She can be extremely sarcastic, even rude especially when challenged, judged or talked-down to. Sometimes her making fun of people can go to a bit too far, a trait she gets from her father, but she will always apologise. She lacks refinement in word and deed but has natural grace of movement. Lavender is fiercely intelligent and quite witty but has empathy in spades.

Lavender has no time for weak people, hand-holding or typical banal pleasantries. She is a work hard play hard kind of person, but her hard exterior will relent when she gets to know people. She is generous, looks out for others and will be the first to try to help anyone under any kind of duress. She is rarely silly or goofy and always in control, fundamentally honourable and truthful, but can be quite closed-off.

Lavender’s hobbies and pleasures include spaced-out sort of music from the likes of Pink Floyd, Goldfrapp, Air, Massive Attack and many others. She also loves to try cuisine from other planets and cultures and has a famously iron stomach. She does have a fondness for liquor and has a collection of many and varied coloured bottles in her quarters. Lavender likes to grow Orchids and had a few Orchids in her quarters aboard her old ship.

Lavender prefers that her staff just call her Lavender and runs her sickbay on a first name basis. If necessary she will respond to “ma’am”, but generally eschews the formal title of ‘Doctor’ when people are speaking directly to her (although she accepts it in reference to herself for obvious reasons)  even though she will own being one and a good one too. ‘Commander’ is similarly frowned upon and she particularly hates ‘Sir’ which will get a strong rebuttal if used in reference to her.


Lavender was born on M’talas Prime. Her parents didn’t really want her, especially her father who was physically and verbally abusive. When Lavender was eight her father accidentally killed her mother in a fit of drunken violence. Lavender managed to escape and find a neighbour who contacted the police. As her father went to Prison Lavender was reluctantly taken in by her Uncle, who didn’t want her either.

It was no great surprise then that as she got towards teenage years and having little to no positive parental input that Lavender fell in with a bad crew. By thirteen she was being used as a drug-runner around La Sirena, her small frame and general grubbiness attracting much less attention than the large gang members she worked for. As the gang grew and territorial violence broke out Lavender ended up treating the wounded gang members with little but makeshift equipment and the spirit to try when few else would. Her experience mounted quickly and she used the excuse of learning triage to stay in school where she could bone-up on emergency medical techniques. In early 2352 at age fifteen the friend from school who had brought Lavender into their gang was brutally murdered. Lavender tried to save her in her last minutes but failed and was changed forever. She stole the profits from the next drug delivery she made and bought a one-way ticket off M’talas Prime.

On Earth, with only proof of her mother’s Federation Citizenship, her tattoos and the clothes on her back Lavender presented herself to the authorities as a unsupervised and orphaned minor. She took advantage of every opportunity afforded to her in the next few years to study, building on the experience she had on M’talas to join Starfleet at age nineteen.

In 2370 at age 25 having completed her Starfleet Medical training and MD Lavender graduated as Lt. Junior Grade and was appointed as a Junior Doctor on the Nebula class U.S.S. Hutton. In 2372 as hostilities between the Federation mounted Lavender was given more responsibility and promoted to full Lieutenant. Shortly after, Lavender was assigned to the Excelsior class U.S.S. Manitoba as a more senior doctor. Lavender showed great command potential on the Manitoba when passed any kind of authority being nurturing with patients and colleagues alike. Given the status of the war and the loss of good officers she was a good candidate for promotion in 2374, slated for a CMO position and taking the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

In 2374, on the way back to base the USS Manitoba was disabled by a Jem’Hadar raiding party. Survivors of the wrecked ship were taken to a Jem’Hadar prison, including Lavender. Prisoner 3436 as she became known made a name for being contrary, gobby and difficult and was beaten and thrown into solitary more than once. Ultimately she and the other prisoners were rescued by the USS Denver later that year. After a brief recuperation Lavender was offered the C.M.O. position on Denver after their last C.MO. was revealed as a Dominion spy. Rather than deal with the hassle of going back to Starfleet Command for reassignment Lavender accepted immediately, but she was and is still carrying the wounds of her incarceration.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2372 Junior Medical Officer USS Hutton
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2372 - 2374 Medical Officer USS Manitoba
2374 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Denver
Lieutenant Commander