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Profile Overview

Eyland Madsen

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Madsen


Starbase Bravo


Eyland Xavier Madsen

September 22, 2363

Aalbord, Denmark, Earth


Chief Petty Officer Eyland “Mads” Madsen is a holotechnician on Starbase Bravo, primarily designing holo-programs for all divisions, such as scientific and medical simulations, training and security scenarios, and engineering models. He entered the Starfleet Technical Services Academy in his late 20s, making him nearly 10 years older than most of his classmates. His other position of note was holotechnician at the Daystrom Institute.


5’6, 150 lbs. Blond haired with an undercut which he slicks back when on duty to keep a level of professionalism, but likes to give it more volume when off duty. Bearded, which is beginning to show signs of graying at the edges. Brown eyes. He wears glasses, and has refused surgery to fix his eyesight as he has a phobia of anything getting too close to or in his eyes.


Eyland is a fun-loving, easygoing crewmember, always eager to lend a hand where he is useful. He enjoys his work, but knows there’s more to life than Starfleet. He believes in Starfleet’s ideals but can, at times, bristle under its hierarchical structure when he believes his orders are unfair or unwise. In his free time he enjoys singing, writing holonovels, playing games (both physical and holographic), and throwing back a few glasses of synthale with friends.


Early Life (2363-2381)

Eyland Madsen was born on Earth to Virginia and Leland Madsen. His mother was a Starfleet Security Officer, serving on various vessels, and his father was a well-known and respected tenor, singing in various choirs, and performing in operas throughout the Federation. After Eyland was born, Virginia took a position at Starfleet Headquarters because neither of his parents initially wanted Eyland to grow up on a Starship. His father, however, often toured with opera companies, so was away from home frequently. When Eyland was five, his parents divorced, unable to reconcile their disparate lives: his mother missed life on a Starship, and his father did not wish to stop touring. Eyland spent the rest of his childhood and adolescence alternately accompanying his father in his travels, or living aboard whichever ship his mother was serving on at the time. It was hard for him, never having a single place to call home or make friends, and his relationship with his parents suffered for it.

Eyland showed a moderate talent in voice performance, but showed no desire to pursue it as a career. He showed little interest in Starfleet, and balked at much of the rigor and strict command structure. He did passingly well at school, but never seemed to find a clear path for the rest of his life. His only true passion was playing games of fantasy on the holodeck and playing through his favorite holo-novels. This did not reach the level of holo-addiction, but it did take up the majority of his free time, and he would frequently be found on the holodeck when he was expected to be elsewhere. He tried his hand at writing holonovels, but left a lot of unfinished projects in his wake.

Young Adulthood (2381-2391)

When Eyland came of age, his mother convinced him to take the preliminary Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam, which he did, but failed horribly. After this, ashamed of his failure and wanting to escape his parents’ disappointment, Eyland took a position at the Library of France in Paris. He enjoyed the work to a degree, but it was mostly something to keep himself busy.

In his late 20s, after more than a decade of little to no ambition, Eyland became dissatisfied with his decisions as a younger man. He rekindled his attempts at writing holo-novels, and ended up finishing a few. Through this process, Eyland became interested in the inner-workings of holo-technology, and studied it on his own.

Starfleet Technical Services Academy (2391-2393)

After a couple years of this, Eyland decided to apply to the Starfleet Technical Services Academy, and was accepted. He found the environment difficult but rewarding.

Starfleet Academy (2393-2395)

After his enlistment into Starfleet, Eyland began his career writing training simulations for cadets at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. He made a name for himself as a well-respected Holotechnician.

Daystrom Institute (2395-2400)

Later, he took a position at the Daystrom Institute creating holographic models and simulations for a wide range of researchers. Through this process he gained “inch deep and mile wide” experience and knowledge in a large number of scientific and engineering disciplines.

Bravo Fleet Command (2400-Present)

After a number of years at the Institute, he surprised himself by desiring a life in space. He applied for Head Holotechnician at Starbase Bravo, and was accepted.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2393 Operations Recruit Starfleet Technical Services Academy
Crewman Recruit
2393 - 2395 Holotechnician Starfleet Academy
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2395 - 2397 Holotechnician Starfleet Academy
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2397 - 2400 Holotechnician Daystrom Institute
Petty Officer 1st Class
2400 - Present Holotechnician Bravo Fleet Command
Chief Petty Officer