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Profile Overview

Xarin Rilota

Kratoan-H M

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Xarin


USS Denver


Xarin Rilota


Kratos III


Similar to their sister species, the Kratoan-H variants were originally settlers from Kratos IV that settled on the Aquatic Planet of Kratos III.  Over the years, they’ve adapted to be able to breathe underwater and swim faster.  This same environment has led the Kratoan-H people to design all their ships to be capable of both aquatic and spacial flight.


With long, navy antennae (hair), and eyes that can see in the darkest of the ocean, pale skin with a hint of blue. Stands at 5’8″. Xarin


Xarin Rilota grew up as the elder brother of seven siblings. He tends to treat his fellow crewmates like they are those younger siblings, attempting to patiently teach them as well as not being above the occasional prank.
Diligent in his work, willing to try out of the box ideas, and always the mentor to the younger members of the crew.


Xarin was born on Kratos III, where he spent his youth among the coral castles and deep reefs. Upon reaching the age of apprenticeship (15), he chose to work on the colony’s defense vessel as a member of its engineering crew. He proved a quick learner as he rapidly mastered the existing engine before going to work on attempting an upgrade. Just two years after starting his apprenticeship, he ‘graduated’ as a master of Kratoan-H engineering. Shortly after this period, the Kratoans (Both the H, and the L variety) were introduced to the United Federation of Planets and Xarin was included in the first batch of Officers to learn about the new technology.

He joined Starfleet to learn even more and served as an engineer aboard the USS Quincy Adams for nine years before being called back to serve as the main engineer of the SDK Leviathan. After fifteen years, when the Leviathan was retired, he moved to teaching at the Kratos IV Engineering Academy.

When the dominion war broke out, he transferred back to Starfleet to join the fight, serving on the USS Benimaru before its defeat at the hands of the Dominion and his capture.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2321 - 2330 Engineer USS Quincy Adams
2330 - 2345 Main Engineer SDK Leviathan
2345 - 2373 Teacher Kratos IV Engineering Academy
Lieutenant Commander
2373 - 2374 Main Engineer USS Benimaru
Lieutenant Commander