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Profile Overview

Jacob Mandrake

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Mandrake


Starbase Bravo



Father: Peter Mandrake
Mother: Marie Mandrake
Siblings: None
Wife: Laura Mandrake
Children: None


University of California at Berkley (Bachelor of Chemistry)
Stanford University, School of Medicine (Medical Degree)
New York Presbyterian (Intern)
Star Fleet Academy (Officers School)
Star Base Bravo (Fellowship, Xenopathology)


Physical Description:

Height: 1.75 Meters
Weight: 81.64 Kilograms
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color: Black



Early Life:

Jacob was born in Mesa, AZ on July 18th, 2364. His father Peter, a novelist and popular fiction writer; and his mother Marie, a psychologist. His parents were loving, yet a bit overprotective. Mandrake’s mother was a member of Star Fleet for several years until she became pregnant. His parents decided to move back to Earth to raise him in a safe, and stable environment. His parents acquired a small home in Mesa, against my mother’s protests. As a writer, his father wanted solitude to write his novels.

Arizona was covered in Rattlesnakes from border to border, as a result, Jacob was bitten while playing to close to one. A simple remedy for snake venom, but not the trauma it inflicted on him. His mother was outraged and even threatened to leave his father if they did not move. His father refused to move, so his mother packed their bags, and the 2 moved to San Francisco where she found work as a therapist for addicts. His father soon followed once he realized his wife was not joking.

Jacob loved life in San Francisco.  He loved his new school and the overall atmosphere. He was quick to make friends, whereas in AZ he was mostly alone. There were so many different people, species, and cultures in California. He quickly found a new hobby; he was into science.

Post Education & Career:

When Jacob turned 17 he decided to listen to his mother, whereas most of his friends joined Star Fleet he did not. He got a job waiting tables at a local restaurant and later enrolled in college. He was accepted into the University of California at Berkeley. There he studied Chemistry and love every minute of it. Jacob adapted quickly to new situations very well. Growing up an only child, living in a dorm with for the most part other children was a shock to him. He completed his 4 years and returned home. His best friend Kyle was still there and as always ready to get into trouble.

One year later, and after many encounters with law enforcement, his father had enough. He had to change or move out. He decided to do both, and he applied for and was accepted into Medical School at Stanford University. There he met Laura, who was a senior already. After graduating he was accepted into a general surgical internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital. New York was cold, and the people weren’t as nice as in San Francisco. His supervisors were strict and kept him on his toes. He learned a lot. He was there for 6 years, learning everything he could. After his internship, he moved home where he became a civilian physician dealing with new recruits at the Academy. Admiral McConnell, the Chief Medical Officer, his supervisor, and his maternal grandfather convinced him to join Star Fleet, so he did.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2397 Cadet (Freshman) Star Fleet Academy
2397 - 2398 Cadet (Sophomore) Star Fleet Academy
2398 - 2399 Cadet (Junior) Star Fleet Academy
2399 - 2400 Cadet (Senior) Star Fleet Academy
2400 - Present Physician Srtar Base Bravo