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Anthony Quinn

Regelian-Human Hybrid Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Quinn


Staff Officer, Brahms Station Engineering Department
Avalon Fleet Yards




Dr. Anthony John Quinn, EngD

15th of March, 2375 (Age: 26)

Utopia Colony, Mars


Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Anthony John Quinn, EngD is a Regelian-Human Hybrid male Starfleet line officer stationed aboard Brahms Station as a structural maintenance officer. Quinn is an expert in the engineering field and has a keen eye and ear for picking up important information related to the engineering field. He is also a well-trained strategist as well as an impressive hand-to-hand fighter.



Early History | (2375 – 2393)

Anthony John Quinn was born on the 15th of March, 2375 in the Utopia Colony located on Mars. He was born to Starfleet Captains Jessica and Drew Quinn both served in Starfleet as construction supervisors at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. In early April 2385, they would transfer to San Francisco Fleet Yards to lead the construction of a new Sovereign-class ship. A few days later on the 5th of April, 2385 the tragic Attack on Mars would happen. This would have a lasting effect on Anthony as he would realize that life is too short to waste it on meaningless endeavors.

Starfleet Career | (2393 – Present)

Starfleet Academy | (2393 – 2397)

Upon reaching the proper age, Anthony would apply to Starfleet Academy. Although he wouldn’t be accepted until his third attempt, he would join the academy in 2393. During his first year, he would study general education, and basic starship operations; in his second, third, and fourth years, he would study structural engineering, as well as advanced engineering. In his fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth he would study mechanical engineering. Though he wouldn’t graduate top of his class he would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in structural engineering and an associate’s degree in mechanical engineering. Upon graduating from the academy he would receive the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, and would be assigned to Brahms Station.

Starfleet Engineering Academy | (2397 – 2401)
Brahms Station | (2401 – Present)

After graduating from Starfleet Engineering Academy, Lieutenant Quinn would be assigned to Brahms Station. Even though he had his reservations about working in a fleet yard he was okay with it because it was system-wide and he thought it would be highly unlikely for him to encounter any danger there. He would work as a staff officer with in the engineering department aboard the station.


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During his youth, Anthony was a loner and kept mostly kept to himself. He chose to work alone rather than with other people. He would be an only child which only made his social skills worst. He would typically spend his time inside reading and listening to ancient Earth books and music. His favorite books were the Harry Potter series he would grow a fascination with the character Severus Snape. His favorite music genre would be classical as he liked the calm before-the-storm nature of it, he also enjoyed that it all had a structure and that each instrument had its place. He really enjoyed how it made harmony even when it seemed like it was chaos.


Jessica Quinn

Jessica Quinn is a human female Starfleet Captain, she is also Anthony’s mother. Before, during, and even after her pregnancy with Anthony she and her husband Drew served at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as Construction Supervisors. Luckily they transferred to San Francisco Fleet Yards days before the Attack on Mars. Anthony and his mom would share a very close relationship, she would often try to be with Anthony as much as possible. Though she tried her best her work as a construction supervisor her efforts were greatly limited. Even with this barrier Anthony never felt unloved by his mom and cherished the time they spent together.

Drew Quinn

Drew Quinn is a regelian male Starfleet Captain, he is also Anthony’s father. He would serve at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards with his wife Jessica until April of 2385 days before the Attack on Mars. These events would cause Drew to pull away from his family as he believed it was his fault that the synths went rogue. With his withdrawal from his family, his relationship with Anthony was very formal being that they treated each other more like they were business partners than father and son. This caused much discontent between Anthony and his was which would often end in fights between the two.


Leo Craz
Adam Williams

Adam Williams didn’t like Anthony when they first met. He thought Anthony was a Vulcan wannabe and didn’t deserve to be in Starfleet Academy. Despite this, he would come to value Anthony’s expertise. Adam was a Human male and was an engineering male.


T’San was indifferent when she met Anthony for the first time. Although she was intrigued about his physiology. T’San was a Vulcan female and was a medical major.

Irys Ch’ryrrok

Iyrs Ch’ryyok was beyond excited he first met Anthony. He found him interesting and was set on becoming his counselor. Iyrs was an Andorain-Betazoid hybrid male and was a psychological major.


Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2394 Structural Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

2394 - 2395 Structural Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

2395 - 2396 Structural Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

2396 - 2397 Structural Engineering Student Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

2397 - 2398 Structural Engineering Student Starfleet Engineering Academy

2398 - 2401 Mechanical Engineering Student Starfleet Engineering Academy

2401 - Present Staff Officer
Engineering Department

Bahms Station
Avalon Fleet Yards

Lieutenant Junior Grade